4 Best Beijing China Tourist Attractions

Beijing China Tourist

Beijing is the leading political center in China and plays an inevitable role in China’s economy. It is northwest of the north China plain, and it is near the Western slopes of the Yashan mountains. Some people also call it Peking as it is the most dynamic part of the country due to its dense network and connections. Apart from this, Beijing’s cultural, social, academic, and economic life is also a major attraction. So it is a great place to explore and visit. Moreover, in this article, you will come to know about the best Beijing China tourist attractions.

Best Beijing China Tourist Attractions

A group of people walking in the snow with Forbidden City in the background

The Imperial Palace And The Forbidden City

This beautiful attraction allows you to trace its origins back to the 13th century, the Yuan dynasty. However, the large size of this building is the result of enlargements between 1406 and 1420. It is also called the Forbidden City because ordinary citizens could not enter this place in the past. Some of the highlights include:

Meridian Gate

Golden River Bridges

Palace of Heavenly Purity

Hall of Military Courage

35-meter-high Hall of Supreme Harmony

The Great Wall Of China

Beijing is only one hour away from China’s most historic structure called the Great Wall of China. Great Wall of China is also a part of Beijing China tourist attractions. So if you want to enjoy a walk along with your dear one in the special section of the Great Wall, come and visit this historic structure. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy several other attractions, including Towers and parapets. Not only this great wall of China also offers excellent insights into the history e of the country. But if possible, try to visit these beautiful attractions during Spring and autumn because it offers magnificent views during this period.

Tiananmen Square

This Beijing China tourist attraction is the square of Heavenly peace. It is also the world’s largest in City Square, which can hold a million people. The Gateway of Tiananmen Square odd the Gate of Heavenly Peace was completed in 1947 and was also the main entrance to the Imperial City. Moreover, it is also one of the most important landmarks in the City, which features the Chinese revolution’s Museum.

The Temple Of Heaven

The temple of heaven incorporates a group of beautiful buildings in Beijing. Moreover, numerous architecture considers it a Masterpiece of architecture and landscape designs. So whenever you visit Beijing, the beautiful City of China does not forget to visit this Beijing China tourist attraction.

Make Your Trip Memorable

A store front at night

So whenever you plan to visit Beijing China tourist attractions, make sure to visit those mentioned above four best Beijing China tourist attractions. Moreover, these attractions are highly affordable and will help you to understand the history of China.

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