5 Things To Do During Shanghai Travel

5 Things To Do During Shanghai Travel

If you plan to go to Shanghai Travel, then you have made the right choice.

From discovering Chinese culture to enjoying the modernity of one of Asia’s most dynamic cities, you will love Shanghai!

5 Things To Do During Shanghai Travel
5 Things To Do During Shanghai Travel

A small selection of the best activities to do during Shanghai travel, do not hesitate to tell us what you prefer to do in Shanghai in the comments.

Shopping, Start Saving!

Shopping in Shanghai is a clean experience, that’s why every traveller in Asia comes to Shanghai for shopping; some of them even arrive in Shanghai with empty suitcases!

From old local markets to high-end designer boutiques, Shanghai offers everything. Some of the most popular places are those commonly known as “Fake Market” where you will find the perfect imitation of products of very famous brands.

Tailor-made: The South Bund Fabric is where you can get your custom made the suit in less than a week. Bring a sample or template; even paper, whatever you want, and they’ll be able to reproduce the exact copy!

Take a tour of the Shanghai Textile Museum, Tianzifang Jiashan Market, or even Cheongsam Road on Changle Road to find Chinese textiles from the Qing Dynasty.

Remember that you can (and should) always haggle!

Chinese Food & Street Food

Shanghai is an important crossroads between the different provinces of China, so there is an infinity of delicious Chinese specialities.

If you have to try an iconic Shanghai dish, it should be the “Xiao Long Bao”, a sort of Chinese steamed dumplings filled with meat or seafood. It is Divine!

On another note, Shanghai offers an impressive and colourful scene for Street Food. You can try the tofu, duck or pork skewers of some stalls, order bamboo juice, or nibble patties filled with spicy meat and vegetables, a treat!

Eat At The Bund During Shanghai Travel

Take a tour at Mr and Mrs Bund, a French restaurant that has delighted the hearts of local experts and brings travellers from all horizons for its modern French cuisine with all the French specialities that are close to our heart such as wine, etc.

Lost Heaven is a great and still reasonable choice for Chinese dishes from Yunan province, while Sun Castel, more luxurious, will make you experience an authentic Chinese culinary experience.

A good compromise would be Kathleens’5 where you can enjoy a fusion of East and West while enjoying the view, located at the top of the Shanghai Art Museum.

Nightlife – From Sunset To Sunrise

As soon as the sun sets, countless lights illuminate the sky in every corner of the city.

Shanghai is unquestionably one of the liveliest places in Asia in terms of nightclubs and bars, where the most famous DJs in the world come to play regularly.

On the Bund, the famous Red Bar not to be missed, get ready for a decadent night through the night lights of Shanghai.

Shanghai Travel Witness Cultural Heritage

5 Things To Do During Shanghai Travel
5 Things To Do During Shanghai Travel

Have you always dreamed of learning Chinese? Shanghai is the place to go for a test. Learn a few words of Mandarin; taking a calligraphy course will help you understand the Chinese culture and its history.

If you want to immerse yourself more deeply in Chinese culture, take a walk in the morning on the streets of Shanghai. You could meet groups of Chinese adults practising Tai Chi in the morning.

Kung Fu is also widely practised. Visiting the Fu Kung Museum allows you to learn more about the importance of Kung Fu in Chinese culture.

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