Accessing China Tourist Statistics

china tourist statistics

The recent developments in China concerning the Great Wall, its ancient walled city of Qi, and their construction of Hainan Island have been incorporated into China tourist statistics. For years, travelers to China have seen and done some amazing things on their way to the Great Wall. Now, they can experience Qi, too. In the past, many foreigners came to visit the Great Wall and got enchanted by it that they decided to build a tourist center around it. This resulted in the establishment of countless tours, excursions, and programs across China aimed at foreigners.

How Is Tourism In China?

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Tourism is an essential part of China. In recent years, over 80% of China’s Gross Domestic Product is driven by tourism. China wants to maintain that status. They take every possible step to preserve their centuries-old cultural heritage and keep their villages and towns in optimum condition for travelers. When travelers see these places, they usually remember them fondly. And they keep telling their friends and family about them.

Hainan Island

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Today, many tourists come to Hainan Island. They see the breathtaking scenic beauty of this small Chinese Island. Many decide to take a China tourist train to get there. Others opt for a comfortable seaplane or a truck and car ferry ride.

Unfortunately, not much has changed in the tourism business in China. Some areas of the country are becoming less popular with tourists. Why is this? There are many reasons, including the following.

How The Economy Of China Is Increasing?

Over time, China’s economy has grown significantly, and China tourist statistics reflect this growth. Simultaneously, the tourism industry in China has become dependent on the number and size of cruise ships and other large ships coming into the country. As a result, these ships no longer sail out to many destinations throughout the country anymore. Instead, they anchor in ports and wait for a designated period to come into port and then sail away to another destination. These days, the more ports they anchor at, the fewer tourists they receive.

Some More Important Things About Chinese Tourism

It is not impossible to make the trip to China an adventure. The key to doing so is by being realistic about what you can expect and looking beyond the hype to the facts. China has a strong economy that will continue to grow. With that said, your expectations should be tempered because the reality of Chinese tourism is much different than you might expect based on news reports.

As China continues developing and becoming a more prosperous country overall, this industry’s scope will continue to expand. In the meantime, the resources to monitor and collect data are readily available. By examining the China tourist statistics closely, you will be able to see the emerging trends. You will also be able to understand what is going on that might affect your planned trips.

Finally, China tourism is facing considerable challenges in the years to come. The government needs to work harder at encouraging travelers to visit and stay longer. The restrictions on entering the country have slowed travel, but they have not yet killed the industry. They just slowed it down.

Final Words

As you continue your studies in China, you will find the statistics useful. You may even decide that it is something you want to incorporate into your research. The beauty of the Internet allows you to access a wealth of information in a relatively short period. You will save the reports you find and use them over again as the information changes.

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