All Points You Wanted To Know About Travel Ban From China

travel ban from china

China and The USA are always at the loggerheads due to various trade, health, world affairs, intellectual property, security, related issues. The fighting is not new. Both the countries are one of the biggest exports of arms and other critical commodities in the world. The USA is already a developed country, and China is growing at a faster pace. We expect that in some decades, China will become one of the developed countries. The USA put a travel ban from China and China also followed the same. Reasons for that travel ban as follows.

Covid 19 And The USA Blame Game On China

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The last President Mr. Donald Trump had the firm belief that China deliberately hid crucial information about covid – 19 occurrences in the country. The first case of coronavirus was detected in the last quarter of 2019, and China took more than four months to inform the world about the severity of the virus.

Covid Infection Control Measure

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In some statements, Trump also blamed China for using the virus to increase its footfalls into the world and limit the USA’s progress. He accused the world health organization (WHO) of colluding with china on the covid -19 front. The USA withdrew its membership from WHO and took the step of a travel ban from china. That action was also taken to limit the covid 19 infections in the USA. America is one of the most affected countries and has lost more than half a million people to the virus. Subsequent lockdown crippled the economy and badly affected the international business, manufacturing sector, service sector, and others.

The Impact Of Presidential Election

When the decision on the travel ban from China was taken, the presidential election was due. People were having a perception that president trump only has rhetoric and does not take harsh action against china. To give the impression that he is determined to control the china influence, he took the decisions.

Trade-Related Issues Between The USA And China

The USA has long been registering its complaints against china for dumping low-quality manufactured products into low-income and medium-income group countries. China’s increased influence on Africa, South America, and on trans pacific countries are always a cause of concern for the USA. North Korea and Iran are totally against the USA and its policies and having friendly relationships with china. Another issue is the “South China sea”. China is stressing its claims on a large part of the sea, where the USA is supporting Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and other friendly countries.


Their business interests are also intertwined, but they wanted to make their impacts more powerful. Against this backdrop, covid 19 came. Experts are predicting that this travel ban from china will continue for more days. We are hopeful of a good relationship between these countries.

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