An American Tourist in China Can Find an Affordable Apartment to Stay

american tourist in china

As an American tourist in China you will most likely be staying in a dorm or hostel. This is not always bad, as it gives the tourist time to explore and get to know a new place. However, for an extended period of stay, especially if you are visiting during the Olympics or if you expect lots of tourists, your accommodations might need to be upgraded. Whether you rent a hotel, stay in a dorm, or use an air bed you should make sure that it meets all of your needs.

Most of the time the rooms that the American tourist in China will be staying in will be in dormitories. Dorms offer more privacy than hotels and even more variety, but they are still dormitories. Some of the more popular options for dorms are the Beijing University Hostels, which is located throughout the campus of Beijing University. The hostels are a great place to visit if you are an American in China because you will get to see much of what Beijing has to offer.

An Overview

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One of the best American in China accommodations that you can find is the Beijing International University, also known as the BYU. The Beijing University is run by the Chinese government and has many connections with the Chinese State Department. The Beijing International University offers dormitories to students who wish to study abroad, and many of these dormitories are privately run. There are many cultural centers located within walking distance of the dormitories, including the Pan Shanghai University, which is run by the Zeng Bo University. The Zeng Bo University is one of the most prestigious schools in China. The students at the Beijing University are some of the best in the world, and there are many cultural programs and activities that students can participate in.

Affordable Chinese Apartment For Your China Tour

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If you want to spend your vacation with America’s finest athletes, then the best option for you and your family is to stay at the Olympic hotel in Beijing. The Olympic Hotel is right on the Olympic Park, and all you have to do is go inside to get access to the pool. You can watch all the games live on your television set while you relax in your pool. The Olympic Hotel was built by the Chinese government, and all the rooms are luxurious and feature large balconies so that the American tourist can have a full view of everything going on around him.

The Beijing Olympic Hotel is also near many other important places in Beijing, and the Olympic Plaza is just down the street from the hotel. This area is basically a huge public park that is used for public events, shopping, and other things. You can take a nice walk along the perimeter of the park and enjoy the beautiful scenery. There is a very good food restaurant in the area, and if you happen to take a break from enjoying the park, you can visit the Olympic Drum Tower.

The Olympic Drum Tower is a structure that was made to honor the people of China. It is a testament to their enormous efforts to construct the world’s tallest and most impressive structures in the world. The structure was completed in 2021, and when it was completed, it was the tallest structure in China that day. The reason for the massive scale of the project is the fact that many local workers were paid an average wage of just about a dollar a day. The Chinese government considers workers like this to be the greatest asset they have, and so they made every effort to construct such a large and impressive structure.

Bottom Line

There is also a separate room available at the Beijing Olympic Hotel that is directly attached to the hotel itself. This entire wing has been beautifully restored, and the rooms are very luxurious. If you decide to rent an apartment in one of these buildings, the price will still be cheaper than staying in a luxury hotel in the U.S. Of course, if you really enjoy the Chinese hospitality, then you probably won’t mind paying more. For example, the monthly rent includes free internet access, low price water and energy bill, and a yearly maid service. In addition to being able to receive visitors from the U.S. as well as from around the world, the apartments feature traditional Chinese cuisine, and the walls are painted in Chinese calligraphy.

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