An Ultimate Guide To The History Of The Famous Chinese Culture Center Of San Francisco

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The Chinese Culture Centre of San Francisco(CCC), California, USA is a non-profit, community-based organization that was established as the operations centre of the Chinese Culture Foundation in 1965. It was founded by J. K. Choy around 56 years ago. Its mission is to raise the undeserved and to become a voice for equality through contemporary arts and education. The headquarters of this culture center is located in San Francisco between Chinatown and the Financial District. Jenny Leung is the executive director of this center since 2020. And, Mabel Tang was the executive director of this center from 2009-2019. Their activities have shifted their focus throughout their existence. In the 2010s, their focus was on the inventions and contemporary art exhibitions which were under the vestige of the CCC visual arts center as well as on radical and social justice education initiatives which were under the vestige of the Him Mark Lai Learning Center. The facilities of this center being 20,000 square feet include a 2,935 square foot gallery, a 299 seat auditorium, a gallery shop, offices and a classroom. 

Know History Of The Famous Chinese Culture Center Of San Francisco 

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Here you will get to know every interesting thing related to the history of the Chinese culture center of san Francisco. Continue reading. 

Beginning Operations

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Initial activities were marked by a desire to be non-political and non-controversial because of tense Taiwanese-PRC relations and factions within Chinatown. The center held celebrations of the spring and mid-autumn festivals. It also started hosting classes and workshops on folklore, music, arts, painting and calligraphy, dance, drama, crafts, shadow play and Mandarin language. Some of the initial programs were interrelated with local museums, like that of the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco. 

During ’80s and ’90s

In 1989, the culture center received permission to implement an annual program known as In Search Of Roots. Every year, ten American-born Chinese youth apprentices who wished to follow their ancestries to the Pearl River Delta, under the guidance of CCC, studied their families histories, went to their ancestral villages and contributed findings to an annual CCC exhibit. It began sponsoring public lectures on Chinese culture and art by scholars. 

Present Era

With the employment of Abby Chen as program director in 2008, the Chinese culture center started to focus merely on contemporary art, an initiative rebranded as the CCC Visual Arts Center. It began publishing catalogues of its exhibition for sale purposes. CCC’s education lead was dedicated to the Him Mark Lai Learning Center in 2013. Its public artwork, Sky Bridge, was honoured as the best public art of 2015 by KQED. In 2016, the Portsmouth Square Pedestrian Bridge was committed as the Rolland Lowe Bridge in respect of the Lowe family’s patronage and strong support of CCC. 


Hope this brief description of the Chinese culture centre of San Francisco has left you awestruck by its amazing history. It is a must visiting place for a person who is interested in knowing about various cultures.

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