Avoid Covid19: A Guide On How You Can Avoid Corona Virus!

avoid covid19

Do you want to know about steps to avoid covid19 infection? Well, we all know that the novel coronavirus is a contagious disease. Around millions of people who have gone infected with this virus while having a few symptoms and some who had shown no symptoms are now recovering soon.

However, on the other hand, some people are suffering from severe conditions. Thus, in this article, you will come to know about how one can avoid such an infectious disease. For your safety, you can follow these steps, especially if you are in the containment zone or in the region where thousands of people are infected with COVID-19.

Simple Steps To Avoid Covid19

Wash Your Hands Frequently

basic steps to avoid Covid19
basic steps to avoid Covid19

You should time and again thoroughly and frequently wash your hands with soap plus water. Also, you can use alcohol-based sanitizers to clean your hands. It is essential to do it because our hands constantly come in contact with different surfaces and objects that may attain contamination.

As, most of the time, you don’t realize that you touch your face and, hence, invites viruses to infect you. Therefore, washing your hands regularly, alcohol-sanitizer or soap & water can kill the virus probably present on your hands.

No Touching

To avoid the virus spread, it is essential to keep in mind that you do not touch your face, mouth, nose, and eyes. As your hands come in contact with many surfaces. Further, the contaminated hands transfer the virus to the mouth, nose, and eyes. Thus, it enters your body via these organs and makes you fall sick.

Cover Your Cough

Avoid Covid19: A Guide On How One Can Avoid Corona Virus
Avoid Covid19: A Guide On How One Can Avoid Corona Virus

Ensure that whenever you have people around you, they should have a fine respiratory system or hygiene. Putting it another way, such people should not have any coughing or breathing symptoms as they are the first sign to detect a coronavirus patient.

Also, it means one should always cover their nose and mouth with the help of bending their elbow, putting your mouth or face in it, or using a tissue when you sneeze or cough.

It will help if you throw away that used tissue right away into the trash or dust bin. And finally, after disposing of it, wash your hands. It is crucial to do it because while sneezing or coughing, tiny liquid droplets may contain the virus, and it can spread in the surrounding area. Thus, it becomes vital to safeguard yourself plus others from the infection of COVID-19.

Avoid Messy Places

You should avoid going to crowded places, particularly if you have 60 above age. One must also avoid going to these places when they are suffering from problems such as high BP, lung or heart diseases, cancer, etc.

A minimum of 1-meter distance should be there between two persons. If a person has a cough or fever, then maintain this 1-meter distance. These precautions will not only prevent you to avoid covid19 but your family and other people too.

Stay Home

If you are feeling unwell with mild fever or cough, then try to be at home. By not going outside, you will recover much faster. Also, it would be easy to avoid transmitting your disease to another person.

Also, when you have difficulty breathing, cough, and fever too, then contact the medical care first. Medical professionals will guide you on where to go and let you know the best health facility to prevent you from getting infected.

Trusted Sources

Always check out the latest information on COVID-19 from reliable sources. Check the info on the WHO website or national or local public health agencies. Also, you can grab info from your local health caretaker or from a medical professional.

Hence, the above steps will help you to avoid covid19 during this pandemic time.

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