Beijing China Tourist Attractions An Overview

beijing china tourist attractions

Beijing, China is a sprawling, fascinating city, laden with ancient historical sites stretching back three thousand years. However, it is known more for its modern architectural wonders than its ancient monuments like the vast Forbidden City complex, the old imperial palace, and the National Museum of China. Dotted with a wide range of hotels and restaurants, it has everything to entertain and delight, be it a laid-back holiday or an adventurous one. The Beijing International Exhibition Centre and the National Tourism Administration are responsible for organizing numerous events that bring in tourists. From the Beijing International Exhibition Centre, which organizes the famous China Pavilion, to the Beijing International Auto Show, to the Beijing National University featuring prominent academics and research organizations, visitors get a chance to see the latest in Chinese arts and culture.

The Forbidden City is a unique monument, housing a restricted area surrounded by walls carved into the shape of dragons. The impressive edifices can be seen from the Yangtse River and are a must-visit spot for all Beijing visitors. Another popular sightseeing destination is the colorful butterfly sanctuary, where colorful tropical butterflies gracefully fly around. The Beijing Bird Gardens is also a great place to see nature at its best and is an excellent place for bird-watching, especially during the cooler months of the year.

Beijing China Tourist Attractions

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The city of Beijing itself has a number of wonderful beaches. The most famous ones include the Forbidden City, whose tours cost around RMB 1000. The park is home to a number of impressive buildings and statues, plus a massive reflecting pond with a giant turtle in the center. Another of Beijing’s tourist attractions is the Beijing Grand Theater, which was once the theatre of China’s imperial family. It is now the pride of Beijing and a popular tourist spot.

Beijing is also home to a host of other fantastic beings, including the Beijing Stock Exchange, CCTV studios, and the China Museum. The Beijing International Airport features flights from all major cities worldwide and is a great way of exploring the world from a different perspective. The Forbidden City can be enjoyed by visitors who want to visit ancient architectures and learn about the rich history of China.

Tourists of all tastes frequent the Beijing attractions. There are many shopping venues, some offering products from China’s largest cities, and many more offering local products. Beijing tourist attractions are a good place to start when searching for something unique to bring home to family members back home. The metro is another good place to explore, as it covers a large number of locations, many within the city itself. The metro is a great experience and gives you an overview of daily life in Beijing. Be sure to take the time to explore the beacons and signs, which are always dotted around.

A Much Ado

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Other than these main Beijing tourist spots, there are many other places of interest, ranging from cultural destinations to more random items. Some of the more interesting Beijing attractions include the Bird’s Nest Island Zoo and the Beijing Museum. There are also a number of interesting gardens to explore, such as the Beijing Museum, which was built to showcase China’s diverse and colorful past.

Another popular destinations are Mount Yangshuo, which is a mountainous region just east of the capital. The most famous mountain in China, the peak of Yangshuo can be seen from a variety of locations, including an observation post at the top and a restaurant on the mountain. The peak has many smaller lakes and lakeside forests, which provide excellent photo opportunities. Another popular hiking destination is the Xintang Glacier, which is also in close proximity to the city.

Bottom Line

While there are many different places to visit while on a Beijing tour, some of the more popular places include the Forbidden City and the Terracotta Warriors. The Forbidden City, located at the end of the Beijing Road, is one of the most important attractions of all time for westerners and is well worth taking a trip to. It is said to be one of the seven wonders of the world and has been the subject of many Hollywood movies and books. The Terracotta Warriors, or more commonly known as the Ancient Warriors of China are a fascinating part of history for anyone interested in military history. These marble warriors were found to be guarding the walls of a massive fortification at the beginning of the Common Era.

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