Beijing China Travel Guide – A Fun and Interactive Journey

beijing china travel guide

The Beijing China Travel Guide will guide you to the best sightseeing spots in the city and provide you with a comprehensive overview of China’s largest region. Beijing is the capital and largest city in China and is a great tourist spot. With millions of tourists visiting every year there is a lot of work involved with providing accommodation and transport for these visitors. There are many ways to save money when traveling around China and the Beijing China Travel Guide will help you discover them.

The Bund is a popular sightseeing spot in Beijing. The Bund is a manmade lake surrounded by the walls of old houses and shops. There are boats and yachts on the lake and many Chinese visitors love to take a boat ride across the lake. It is a must-see.

On the opposite end of the Bund is the Jiaozhi. This area is the most popular shopping district in the city and it stretches from Xujiahui in the west to Xiningale in the south. Jiaozhi is lined with expensive designer boutiques.

Beijing China Travel Guide

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The Bund is also a good place to eat. There are many small cafes around here serving Chinese food and English food. If you are looking for something a little different then check out the Xintang restaurant. Here you will find the largest collection of exotic Chinese dishes outside of Beijing. You can choose from everything from dim sum and seafood to duck and horse meat! Xintang is also a great place to enjoy some shopping.

Beaches in Beijing include the Huangpu River and the Yangtse. The Huangpu is one of the most polluted rivers in the world and is packed with people taking a dip in the pristine waters. The Yangtse is host to a world-famous rowing center. If you enjoy water sports, you will not regret choosing to book your holiday at the Huangpu.

There are a number of museums in Beijing. The Forbidden City Tour and the National Museum are two great options. The Forbidden City Tour will take you around the busy streets of the Forbidden City. The National Museum offers a glimpse into China’s history and culture. Either way, you will enjoy a visit to China’s history and a few hours in the museum to see some of the fantastic ancient sculptures.

A Much Ado

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Shopping in Beijing isn’t difficult. You will find both bargain shopping and designer brands in the commercial centers. However, if you are looking for a little cheaper shopping you can head to Xujiahui and Xiningale. Xujiahui is known for its rural lifestyle and is a perfect place for people who want to experience rural life without compromising the business. Xiningale is much quieter and is a popular choice with foreigners.

Make sure you have a guide when visiting any part of China. While in Beijing take a trip to Chongqing and get some fresh air. Also, don’t forget to try the special Far East Food, it is so far east no one else will know so you can have your fill of delicious food! Don’t miss out on seeing the special ancient Buddhist temple in Chongqing, the Wuyi Shaming Temple. For more information check out my homepage.

The most important day in Chinese history is also the most important day for most of China. This is the day when the revolution started and the curtains came down on the old dynasty. Beijing sees the celebrations every year with the All-White Day festival. There are also special events throughout the country as well as abroad. The Forbidden City along with the Olympic Park is just two of the highlights.

Final Thoughts

A few days later you will be ready for a relaxing vacation in Beijing. It’s an exciting city filled with a lot of history and culture. You could visit China Park, the Beijing Museum, the Beijing Symphony Orchestra, or the CCTV. The Beijing Arts City is another place worth seeing. Check out my Beijing travel guide to discover the best places to see in Beijing.

Enjoy your time in Beijing. Get a room at one of the quality hotels that are available. Pack comfortable clothes and shoes. Have your passport and Chinese visa ready. Enjoy!

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