CCD Travel to China – An Experience

cdc travel to china

“DC Currency College” is a seminar that will not only educate students on the complexities of the US Dollar, but also explore the methods and techniques used in managing the funds of the United States. It is scheduled to run from March through May of 2021. This is one of many events that the US Treasury Department is sponsoring to teach US citizens about our national currency. The goal of this trip is to increase awareness of the risks that are associated with the international money market and the potential gold and silver reserves held by the United States.

The primary goal of the “DC Currency College” seminar is to introduce students to the current financial instruments that are in place in China at this time. This is the first time that the US Government has opened an educational facility for studying and gaining experience in international finance. The traveling United States delegation is represented by Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, Robert M. Bott. Dr. Maureen S. Johnson, Associate Director for Research, and Associate Professor, Richard W. Fridays are also featured speakers.

Types Of Spots And Musics

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There is a large exhibit hall on the main floor where Chinese students will be able to come and learn from American and European students. The United States delegation is there to explain their policies concerning the economic policies that they have implemented. Visiting this exhibit hall will be an eye opening experience for students, but the primary intent of the visit is educational. There is a small fee that is charged for registration and access to the main exhibits.

There are also lectures, demonstrations, and presentations that are given during the entire program. A “Chinese Tea Party” follows the conference that evening as Chinese delegates enjoy coffee while drinking tea from special finger sandwiches. There are also musical selections that can be played. There are usually about twenty different types of music to choose from.

The most popular session for visiting the exhibition is a “Workshop on International Trade.” This workshop is designed to introduce students to the challenges that the US faces in dealing with Chinese trade issues. The focal point of the workshop is to provide students with the skills they will need to effectively deal with Chinese counterparts. In addition, the workshop provides students with the tools to use when doing business with Chinese counterparts. These tools include business cards, contract writing, and sample contracts.

CCD Travel To China

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A trip to China is not complete without at least one stopover in Shanghai. Students will find that hotels in Shanghai are extremely reasonable and there are many places to eat within a few blocks of the hotel. The most important aspect of the trip – aside from learning about the differences between American and Chinese culture – is the chance to visit Shanghai and experience Chinese food. Traveling to China by plane is difficult because it is impossible to hear the native language over the airport’s noise. However, if a travel agency has flights from Canada and the US, it is possible to make it over to Shanghai in just a few hours.

About Bookings And Visa

Students should expect to be booked on return flights from other destinations. There is usually very little room for error when booking a return flight and it can be difficult to get a flight out of the Chinese capital even if the original destination was also in China. When preparing for a CDC trip to China, students should plan ahead by obtaining visa information before leaving home. Visa processing in China is possible only once a person has applied for a visa. Thus, the sooner that visa is processed, the easier it will be to travel back to China.


CDC travel to China gives students a chance to meet the Chinese people face to face – at least for a part of the trip. Learning Mandarin is important for CCD students as well. As most CCD courses require visiting China, it is important for students to be able to communicate easily with Chinese speakers. However, it can also help to have someone accompany students during their trip to China to practice their Chinese language with them. This will help to eliminate some of the stress that comes with learning a new language but is essential to truly master the language.

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