China Has A New High-Speed Bullet Train For Travel Trip

China Has A New High-Speed Bullet Train For Travel Trip

China was one of the first countries to build up a system of bullet trains for a travel trip. Bullet trains are extremely high-speed trains, with a speed of 240–320 kph. Japan invented this super-fast train. 

On the eve of the 2022 Winter Olympics, China is all set to inaugurate a bullet train. The train is running from cities of Beijing to the city of Zhangjiakou. 

However, the high -speed bullet train, is expected to reduce the travel time from 3 hours to 47 minutes from and to Beijing and Zhangjiakou. These cities are the ones in which most of the events of the Winter Olympics 2020 will be held. It is also believed that this bullet train will be the first one of its type to run on its own. Though there will be a driver on board in case of any mishaps, the speed of the train is even more astounding; the highest rate of the train will be 350 kph.

China Has A New High-Speed Bullet Train For Travel Trip

Construction For Bullet Train Travel Trip In China

The construction of this entire infrastructure took more than 4years to build, according to the reports of CNN. This will simultaneously conjoin Beijing, yan qing, and Zhangjiakou.

Hence, the country will make ten stations for this train. However, Badaling Changcheng will be included in that number. Badaling is where the Great Wall of China is situated. It is also a motive to boost China’s travel and tourism trip.

The new train introduced right before the onset of the Olympics., aims at a smoother commute and traffic for the guests and citizens. Beijing, the capital, is slated to host the events of the Olympics. However, Yanqing will be hosting in all probability, activities like alpine skiing, bobsleigh, skeleton, and luge. 

The design is equipped for sports. It has features of cabins for storing sports apparatus. Special storage will also include provision for test samples for athletes.

According to Yang Yang, who has won several medals for china and gold in the Olympics, believes that the train will boost traffic and promote the winter Olympics simultaneously.


The trains are equipped with features like :

  • 5G signals
  • smart sensors
  • touch screens
  • wifi

It is slated to be a smart train with 5 g equipped signals, various intelligent lightings. It also contains 2718 sensors to send warning signals in case of any problem. The seats of this train have advance technology and have all the essential things which a person needs.

AI systems are also installed along with robots. So, they even have a facial recognition system ensuring the utmost safety to its passengers. Check-ins will be fast and paperless.

Another alternative that is there is the Chongli railway. An extension railway line of the Jing-Zhang railway will carry passengers from Beijing to Taizicheng Station. Hence, it is just a few blocks away from the place where all the events of the Olympics will be hosted.

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China Has a New High-speed Bullet Train For Travel Trip
China Has A New High-Speed Bullet Train For Travel Trip

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Traveling to China during the Olympics guarantees unprecedented fun for all, and with the bullet train, it will definitely be one helluva ride.

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