China Tourism And It's Grand Spectrum I A Guide To Travellers

China Tourism And It’s Grand Spectrum

China Tourism And It's Grand Spectrum

China tourism is a heavyweight industry. It garners more than a whopping 55 million visitors every year. China is, after all, the fourth most visited country in the whole world. It has transformed itself from a reclusive country to a major tourist destination following the reforms legislated decades ago by Chairman Deng. Since then, the China tourism and travel industry have propelled itself into becoming one of the most lucrative industries in China currently. Tourism in China accounts for nearly 10% of the country’s GDP and employs tens of millions. The WTO predicts that by 2020, China will become the biggest tourist country in the world.

China Tourism And It's Grand Spectrum
China Tourism And It’s Grand Spectrum

The Tourist Experience In China

China is an unimaginably vast country with a myriad of landscapes such as mountains, plains, forests, hills, etc. In short, China has it all that you could ever wanna see. Chinese landscapes and some of the most pristine, exotic and well-preserved nature spots in all of the world. Not only does China tourism offer the delights of mother nature’s scenic beauty, but it also has a vast array of cultural happenings all around the year for the tourist to either spectate or take part in. Chinese culture is one of the most exquisite and also one of the oldest cultures in the world. Chinese cities are mini cultural hotspots and each of them is unique in its own quirky way. 


The capital of the People’s Republic of China and also its cultural capital, Beijing, is one of the oldest cities in the world and has served as a trade hub for the region since 700 BC. The magnificent Great Wall of China is situated in Beijing itself, easily making the city a must-visit location. 


A grand city with a bustling population and commerce, Shanghai is one of the fanciest and exotic places in all of China. China’s tourism would be incomplete without a look at the night sky of China.

Hong Kong 

Probably one of the most fun places in the world, Hong Kong is every shopping enthusiast’s dream come true. The city is full of uncountable attractions of all kinds be it entertainment, amusement parks, malls, restaurants, etc. Hong Kong also has some very beautiful beaches.


While it was once an incredibly important city in ancient times in China, it is now not much than a town. However, Pingyao is rich in cultural and historical aspects and makes for one hell of a tour. 


The green and serene scenic province of Guilin is an enigma of its own and the crown jewel of China tourism. Travelers visit this place to peep into the rural life of Chinese people and discover its many secrets and wisdom.

China Tourism And It's Grand Spectrum
China Tourism And It’s Grand Spectrum

Things To Keep In Mind While Touring China

The bureaucracy in China is a vast and intricate one, so try not to get muddled up in malpractices. Besides that, there are a lot of other things one must keep in mind before booking their tickets to China. One of the most important of them being-China does not accept any currency other than its own, the Yuan. So be sure to exchange your currency beforehand to avoid unnecessary hassles on your trip. The big cities are notorious for their polluted air, so it would be wise to carry and use a nasal mask as the locals do.

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