China Tourist Visa Process – How to Apply for One

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Are you planning to take a trip to China? For this, you will have to apply for a Visa. Don’t know what a China tourist Visa process is? 

Here is a step-by-step guide to follow to get your Chinese Visa without much difficulty. 

  1. Find Out If You Require a Visa
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The first step that you need to take is to find out if you would require a Visa or not. You don’t have to worry about the China Tourist Visa process unless you meet one of China’s visa-free policies. 

72-144 hours of visa-free transit comes with great convenience when you have a layover in China. 

You also have to consider the type of Visa you require. This is because there are different types of visas in China. So, you will have to choose the type of Visa that is applicable to your situation. In case you are planning to visit China just for your vacation, you will have to apply for a Tourist Visa. 

  1. Gather the Required Documents
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For the China Tourist Visa process, you will have to gather a few documents. Let’s take a look at these. 

Password: You need to have a valid password. Make sure that it is valid at least for the next 6 months after you enter China.

Visa Application Form: The next thing that you need to collect is a Visa application form. You can download this from the Chinese embassy website. After that, you can fill it up and then sign on it to take with you. In certain countries, including the UK, you will have to complete the online application online. 

Passport-Size Photo: You will also have to carry a few passport size photographs. 

Apart from these documents, you might have to carry some additional documents based on the visa type you are applying for. 

For example, if you are applying for a Tourist Visa, you will have to get the air ticket booking record and proof of your hotel reservation. An invitation letter will also work. In case you are planning on staying with your family members or friends who stay in China. 

  1. Submit Your Visa Application

You can submit your application to the Visa Offices of the consulates or Chinese embassies. If China Visa Application Service Centers operate in your country, you can submit your application form there too. 

From 2018, the visa applicants from different countries are required to have their fingerprints collected and submit the form in person. Usually, the service processing time is 4 days, and rushed service will take 1 day. However, rushed services will be available to you in case of extreme emergencies. 

  1. Pay the Fees and Collect the Visa

You have to visit the place where you will be able to apply for the China visa, pay the required fee, and then collect the Visa. The fees largely depend on your nationality and your number of entries. Every country has its own fees. You can check the China visa application visa to know about the fee and tax needed.

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