China Trains – One Of The Best Ways To Travel In China

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The Great Wall of China is a sight not to be missed in China. One can easily get to know the country through this amazing structure, which was one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. China trains travel along the incredible network of canals and rivers that crisscross the country. Each of these waterways are linked by railroads that connect China with different parts of the world. These are the most important part of the Great Wall of China. The high-speed trains that make up the China National Transportation Railroad (CDTA) bring visitors and travelers from far and wide to visit this wonderful wall in the midst of the great Chinese civilization.

Fastest And Safest Mode Of Transport

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Visitors who have come to see the wonders of the Great Wall will surely want to experience the feeling of riding on one of the magnificent trains that make up the CCTA. This is the fastest and safest mode of transport. People can board any of these for short distances and even for longer journeys. The journey takes just five hours, but the glorious scenery and the incredible panoramas that it brings are memorable for a lifetime.

The CCTA traverses some of the most beautiful areas of China. It passes through the scenic valleys of the Yangtse as well as the fertile rice paddies of the Fujian Province. It passes through the strategically important cities of Beijing and Shanghai as well as the scenic city of Chongqing. The trip from Beijing to Chongqing is the longest of all the routes operated by the CCTA.

Best Part About Traveling By Train From Beijing To Chongqing

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The best part about traveling by train from Beijing to Chongqing is that the journey is not only great and exciting, but also gives you an opportunity to see some sights that are difficult to reach on any other mode of transportation. For example, the Great Wall of China is a popular destination, especially for foreigners. But if you are touring the Great Wall on your own, be sure to carry a map of China.

Chinese People Arethe Friendliest Travelers

Another great aspect of traveling by train is the fact that the Chinese people are among the friendliest travelers you will ever meet. When you book your ticket, you will receive personalized service and the most efficient Chinese service personnel. You will be able to take advantage of their wide knowledge about local customs, food habits and tourist’s habits. They can make your tour enjoyable and easy.

China trains are also the cheapest train travel options available in Asia. This is because China has developed a very strong currency due to its tremendous growth. Thus, the value of the RMB (Stuff China) is very high against the dollar. Thus, when you pay for your ticket, it is less than the price of even airfare to the same destination. In fact, the value of the RMB is so high, that you can actually save money by paying for the tickets in Yuan rather than dollars!

Bottom Line

There are several things to think about before deciding to take a train to travel in China. It is definitely one of the more unique ways to see the country but it may not be for everyone. You can also opt for a package tour from a travel agency that offers a train ticket, rail pass, guided tours, ground travel and other related services. You can choose how much you want to spend and how long you want to spend in China. Thus, a train travel to China can be affordable if you do your research and book early.

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