China Travel Guide – Train Ride On The Red Bullet Line

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China travel guide-explore is a program of the Beijing Oriental University that was established to facilitate students in learning the basics of Chinese. This is part of the school’s efforts to raise the standard of education of its students. The program was initiated in 1980 and the goal was to build up students’ awareness of the Mandarin language through engaging in a self guided research process. It is a great way for Chinese language enthusiasts to learn the language.

Skills In Speaking

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The goal of the travel guide train is to build up students’ skills in speaking, writing, listening and reading Mandarin. There are some basic skills that they will be taught and practiced. Students will be able to prepare and practice their own Mandarin words while being accompanied by an experienced Chinese speaker. They will be able to identify unfamiliar faces and ask them where they came from. Furthermore, they will understand the function of some common phrases such as “I don’t know,” “I think that,” etc.

The most common activity of a train ride is to visit popular tourist destinations like Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. The destinations chosen by the participants of the guide-explore trip are selected with an eye to how well it is able to accommodate the tourists’ needs. This will determine the length of the tour. Most trips allow for around 3 days. A longer trip allows participants to experience the countryside further. If the trip covers more than one day, it may also involve visiting other Chinese towns and cities along the route.

Trained Tour Guide

On your China travel tour, you will be accompanied by a trained tour guide who is knowledgeable about the local culture and people in the areas in which you are traveling. The tour guides will be able to help the tourist better understand his or her environment. The train will also take the tourists to China’s major cities. The tour operator will usually have well-established routes, maps, and even a vehicle from which to make the various stages of the trip.

Conduct Train Rides

If you decide to hire a guide to lead a China tour, be sure that he or she is licensed to conduct train rides. Make sure that the license is current and does not expire. You can check with the local tour office of your train line to find out if the license is current. If it has expired, you may not be able to get on the train. Also, check to see if the tour operator is authorized to conduct the tour in the area in which you would like to go.

Bottom Line

Your China travel guide train ride is only as good as the guide you choose to accompany you. Before deciding which train operator to take with you, make sure that you have carefully researched them. Then you will be ready to enjoy your trip!

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