China Travel Restrictions - February 2021 -

China Travel Restrictions – February 2021

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Due to the recent increase in coronavirus cases in china, travel restrictions are changed in certain cities of china. Read the further article to get the latest updates.

Traveling in China is starting slowly, inter-province tours are allowed in China. Foreigners can travel to China as long as they have the documents.

From September 2020, foreign nationals who have valid Chinese residence permits can travel to China for work, personal matters, and reunions. They don’t have any need to apply for new visas.

Where You Can Travel

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Cities like Shanghai, are not allowing visitors from medium and high-risk areas. Prevention methods have been build up in many areas due to the recent COVID-19 cases rise in Northern China.

Cities like Xi’an and Hangzhou are allowing visitors from medium and high-risk areas and require them to be quarantined for 14 days and undergo two nucleic acid tests.

If you are from a low-risk area then you need to travel with required documents like green codes, and nucleic acid test results.

Most cities are open and can be visited, although some attractions are closed like Shaolin temple, Zhongyue Temple, Daxiangguo temple, and White Horse temple.

What You Need To Visit

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Every city in China has different requirements. Although green health codes, masks, and passports are mandatory items for all cities. Every city in China has different requirements for foreign travelers. here are some documents or items that you may need to provide:

14-day record of travel itinerary

Passport and most recent China entry stamps

Entry and exit certificates

Nucleic acid tests report

Certificate of employment

Accommodation registration form for foreign nationals

Health inquiry form provided by hotels

China’s Current Entry Policy And Measures

From September 2020, foreign nationals holding valid Chinese residence permits for work, reunions, and personal matters are allowed to travel to china with no need for applying for new visas.

If any of the above documents expire after March 28, 2020, the holders may apply for relevant new visas by showing the expired residence permits and materials to the Chinese Embassies.

Entry Quarantine

You will be sent to a hotel that is assigned by the government for a 14-day quarantine at your own cost once you enter China. During your quarantine period, you would not be able to go outside and you will have to go through temperature checks and medical tests.

How To Get A Nucleic Acid Test Overseas That Meets China’s Requirements

China’s Civil Aviation Administration announced that all persons must have proof of a negative test result for COVID-19 which should be issued no more than 5 days before the departure. This must be a nucleic acid test carried out by a provider who is recognized by the local Chinese embassy.

After you get a negative test, you should apply for a health condition from the Chinese embassy based on your nucleic acid test results. You have to show this statement when you are boarding the plane.


During this time of the pandemic, taking proper safety measures is necessary. Before travel, you need to plan your tour. Start planning 2-3 months ago so that you get all the necessary information and get your bookings done.

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