China Travel Visa – How To Get Your China Visa Approved Fast

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Getting your visa online is your best bet for efficiently fulfilling your Chinese immigration requirements. Requirements have also been revised and the requirements are different for different groups of visitors.

No-Need To Submit Documents To Chinese Consulate

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There’s no longer any need to fax any documents to the Chinese consulate. Due to new updated regulations, all applicants under the age of 14 should now submit photo identification (fingerprints) when applying for Chinese travel visas. Now all applicants are offering an All-in-One China application form from their website or by mail. Many will also be sending an electronically filed China visa application form via fax or mail. Some hotels in the area will be posting Chinese visa application forms through the mail to applicants. If that is your case, make sure you mail it back to the hotel.

Most tourists are issued either one-entry business visas or two-entry business visas. One-entry business visas are available for stays between ninety days to three months. Two-entry business visas are valid for stays up to three years. Each type of visa is different in many ways, but both types of visas require proof of your identity and your location. For example, to apply for a one-entry business visa you will need to submit your passport and any other required documents.

Provide Several Options For Submitting Visa Application


Your China travel visa all-inclusive service should provide you with several options for submitting your visa application. Depending on your China travel itinerary, you might choose to apply for a one-entry visa, which is available for stays up to ninety days. You can then apply for an unlimited-entry business visa for stays up to three years. Or you can choose a multiple-entry China visa program. With this option, you would submit an application, get accepted and then submit another application for each country you intend to visit for three years or more.

If your China travel visa application form requires a social security number, it will be necessary for you to provide this at the foreign embassy where you filed your visa. The foreign embassy may require you to fax or hand deliver a copy of your original passport or any other proof of identification. Failure to deliver or fax such proof may result in your application being returned without the appropriate stamp or copy. Do not send your originals in this condition, as they will most likely be returned as unprocessed.

Factors Affecting Your China Travel Visa

Another option that your China travel visa all depends on is a non-immigrant work visa. These are generally available for only six months to two years. For those with children in China who are planning to remain with their parents or who have dependents, this is an excellent option. This type of visa is best used for working in a particular job field while you’re studying in China or for visiting relatives. There are two types of non-immigrant work visa options in addition to the six month work visa: the paragraph pass and the paragraph stay. These options are also available for tourists only.


While there are many different kinds of China travel visas available, you can’t simply choose any random travel agency to help you get your visa. You need to be very careful about this because there are many agencies out there who may claim to be able to offer you the best deal, but in fact end up charging you much more than the China government’s official website or visa office. To avoid being scammed, make sure to check out the details and compare the prices between various agencies before you actually go ahead and make a choice. This is by far the fastest and easiest way to get China visa approval.

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