Chinese Art – Culture and the Art Forms of the Chinese People

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Chinese Art Culture is one of the fascinating aspects of China. Lucid, authoritative, elegantly written by two renowned American writers, this generously illustrated volume gives an overview of over 7,500 years of Chinese art – from the earliest pottery- Making to the magnificent classical Chinese paintings. In these pages, you will find a wealth of information on China’s most famous painters as well as their works and much more. Oriental art has been shaped by Confucian classics and has had an enormous influence on China’s modern art movements. This is a book that will open your eyes to the vastness of Chinese culture and tradition.

The Heavens And Earths: A Visual History Of Chinese Art by Roger Tsang

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This book covers everything you need to know about Chinese art from the earliest times to the present day. There are chapters on Ancient Chinese Art, Classic Chinese Art, Modern Chinese Art, and China As a Civilization. The key issue discussed in the book is how Chinese art has been divided up and interpreted throughout time. This is a fascinating and engaging read full of many examples of classical Chinese artwork and rare and valuable works from everyday excavations in China.

The Ancient Secret Of Chinese Medicine And Its Healing Power By Dr. Ma Jixing. 

This is a short technical manual focusing only on acupuncture and herbal medicine. It provides a basic introduction to the Western scientific study of Chinese art forms. There are many illustrations of the various Chinese art forms, including paintings, ceramics, woodcarving, paper-making, silk embroidery, metalwork, and jewelry making. This is a very informative book that sheds new light on the rich history of Chinese art.

A History Of Chinese Art: A Source Book For The Study of Chinese Art And Culture By Helen Feng

This book provides extensive information on the history of Chinese art, including an account of the development of Chinese painting. It describes Chinese metalworking and woodcarving techniques, discusses the evolution of these techniques through time, and compares them to European art history.

The History And Study Of Chinese Music And Dance By Yifan Yang And Hong Kong Lin

 This book covers various topics related to Chinese music and dance, including the history of Chinese music forms, the history of Chinese dance, and discussions on the development of specific art forms. It also includes an examination of how Chinese music and dance are used in the entertainment industry today. This is a helpful text for anyone wanting to learn more about Chinese culture, including music and dance.

Cultural Indicators By JoAnn Simmons

This book provides extensive documentation on China’s art history and the impact it has had on Western art. It includes essays on the different types of art and descriptions of the history of Chinese art.

Final Thoughts

“Dancing China: The Chinese Art Culture in America, Volume I” by Helen Feng and Yifan Yang. (Routledge Curzon Press, 2000). This book reviews the history of the evolution of Chinese dance and discusses the changing art forms and their significance in Chinese culture. It includes essays on the characteristics of Chinese dance and a short note on the history of Chinese art.

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