Chinese Bejing Travel Guide – What You Need To Know

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The Beijing Travel Guidance is a good reference to use for planning your trip to China. It can be downloaded free from the web and offers some useful information. This includes route planning, accommodation arrangements, transportation, eating out, souvenir shops and guide about the Chinese language. It is simple to use and includes detailed maps with routes.

Beijing Airport Guide

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The Beijing Travel Guidance also includes the Beijing Airport Guide, which gives information on arrival, terminal buildings and detailed descriptions of the airport facilities including both air rail and bus services. The Beijing Airport Guide will help you navigate through the crowded terminals easily and make a plan to reach your final destination. The Guide contains detailed descriptions of destination facilities, travel information, booking procedures, dining information, sightseeing advice, airport security, currency exchange rates and detailed arrival/departure schedules. The Beijing Travel Guidance can also be used as a no obligation travel agent. If you need any further information on trip packages, check out our free guide on what to take with you when you travel to China.

Comprehensive Tour Package

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The Beijing Travel Guiding is a comprehensive tour package that includes everything you need for an enjoyable and hassle free trip to China. It uses the Beijing Google Maps application along with the Beijing Airport Guide, to assist in planning your trip. The free app provides detailed information on where to eat, shop, rest and activities within the capital. You can use the app to plan your trip, download free flight tickets, get rail station information, find cheap flights, view the latest news, get a home screen and much more.

You can also connect your Beijng Airlines account to your Beijing Travel Guidance app and make flight reservations. Once you download free flight tickets to China, you can book your seats via the nox player. This feature makes it easier than ever to get a seat since you don’t have to exit your current session to go back to the app to make a reservation. You can now enjoy your ride knowing that you’re ready to board the plane in no time at all.

Sightseeing Tours

You can use the Beijing Free Flight Guide app to plan your sightseeing tours. The free guided tour allows you to select from various popular tour destinations such as the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Xujiahui, Chongqing, Huangpu River, the Olympic Park, the Yangtse River and more. In addition, the Beijing Free Flight Guide has home screen app to help travelers choose transportation options. It features an easy-to-use search function to help you find your way around town. You can easily access information on public transport systems, buses, trains and even taxis.

Last Words 

The free flight guide and the home screen app are just some of the many amazing free travel apps available for download. If you have never used a Chinese travel app before, it would be in your best interest to download one today. From discovering new places to experiencing the best shopping district in town, these apps will open up a whole new world for you to explore. Get ready to start exploring!

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