Chinese Temple That You Must Visit I A Guide To Traveller

Chinese Temple That You Must Visit

Chinese Temple That You Must Visit

There is a reason why Chinese Temple is, by definition, so beautiful and grand. Religion is one of the most important components of Chinese culture. In China, a large number of different religions live together. Although the two most popular doctrines in the country are Buddhism and Taoism. Although both religions or philosophies share many of their beliefs, Buddhist and Taoist architecture are remarkably different.

Chinese Temple That You Must Visit
Chinese Temple That You Must Visit

The Chinese temple is a testimony to a culture where religion and thought have gone hand in hand for centuries. Thus, as Confucianism or Taoism was born in Asian countries, and the adopted Buddhism took on its own personality. Likewise, formidable sanctuaries of this sacred trilogy rose throughout its territory.

However, many other Chinese temples can be found integrated into the cities, such as the Xi’an Pagoda or many others. The Chinese temple is often composed of many buildings for different activities, dining rooms, bedrooms, and many gardens and open spaces.

Chinese Temple: The Confucius Temple

Located in Shandong Province, it is the most extensive and well – known Chinese temple in East Asia, which covers an area of 16 thousand square meters, with a total of 460 rooms. Being the main structures, the doors of Lingxing, Shengshi, Hongdao, Dazhong, Dacheng.

Important Chinese Temples Of Taoism

Among the many temples, guan is essentially Taoist constructions. Distinguishing features are in places of nature and integrating the concepts of yin and yang, in harmony with it.

Some Taoist Temples We Find:

The Temple Of Heaven

It’s just three kilometers from the well-known Tiananmen Square in Beijing. It is an enigmatic place with a concept that unites the earthly with the celestial, conveying a feeling of closeness to the sky. Thus, there are several enclosures, among which the Good Harvest Prayer Hall, the Imperial Vault and the Circular Altar are there. Also, there exist some dazzling spaces that have made it possible to be part of the World Heritage Site since 1988.


Located in Henan province, it’s a sanctuary that has existed since the third century BC in the sacred mountains of Songshan. Constituting the first temple dedicated to Tao, it is a national monument of Chinese culture. It consists of 11 buildings that include the Zhonghua Gate and the Tianzhong Pavilion.

Chinese Temples Of Buddhism

Chinese Temple That You Must Visit
Chinese Temple That You Must Visit

As mentioned earlier, Buddhism when entering this culture took upon a traditional Chinese style. According to it, far-flung mountains were home for these temples, away from cities. So, standing out among many, the Famen Temple of Shanxi stands for the celebration of the relics of the Gautama Buddha. But, there are many others like the Wanfo Temple, the Puning Temple, and the Jade Buddha Temple.

Likewise, there is a Chinese temple that under these syncretism houses has these three beliefs. In the case of the majestic Hanging Temple, it is built by humans with their talent by combining with natural beauty. It demonstrates once again, the indescribable Chinese culture.

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