Chinese Visa Application – 3 Methods to Get Your Invitation Issued

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While traveling to China or Hong Kong, it is necessary for you to have the consent of the Chinese authorities in order to acquire a China travel visa. It is quite easy to get hold of this document in the usual way by visiting the designated offices of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Hong Kong Public Office. You need to present your travel arrangements, itinerary, and passport as evidence of your Chinese nationality. Your request is then processed, and if granted, you will receive a China visa upon your arrival in China.

However, obtaining a China visa using a China travel service provider could be a more convenient option. It is also relatively less expensive. There are two ways for you to apply for a China multi-entry visa: either via the internet or via fax.

China Travel Service Hong Kong

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The first way to apply for a China visa is through the internet. In this method, you will just have to visit the official website of the Chinese consulate on your personal computer. You will be required to complete the online form indicating your contact information, including your mailing address, contact numbers, and email address. Your personal information is then submitted on the website’s interface. After a few hours, a response will be sent to you confirming that your request for an invitation has been accepted.

The second way to apply for a China multi-entry visa is through the use of a China travel service provider. A company that offers this service will ask for basic information such as name, contact number, and mailing address. Then, the company will process your China visa request by computerizing the relevant details in the prescribed format. Your letter to the relevant authorities will be digitally signed using a security chip known as PCS.

A Much Ado

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Once your letter of invitation is received by the relevant entities in Hong Kong, you are required to attend their offices personally. This method is useful if you have already sent your letter electronically. You will have to hand-deliver your document along with your scanned copy of your invitation and any additional information you may want to add. Your documents will then be handled and scanned to create a hard copy. This hard copy will then be returned to you along with the confirmation letter, which gives you permission to proceed with the visa interview process.

The third method used is by having your documents photocopied by the office of the provincial Public Security Department in China. For this method, you will still need to visit the designated office personally. You will then be required to complete the visa application form. Your photocopied documents will then be returned to you along with the duly completed visa application form.

Your final option for receiving your invitation is through the courier service in Hong Kong. Upon receipt of your letter of invitation, the courier service will contact you and notify you of the date and time of your meeting. You will then be required to attend the meeting. Your courier will be in charge of delivering your invitation and related documents to the relevant entities in Hong Kong.

Bottom Line

If you are going to be away from home and are unsure of your full name, you should use either your full name or a middle initial for your China travel service provider. Your Hong Kong invitation will always be in your name and will need to include your full name at the bottom of the page. It is wise to include your postal address as well so that you can easily return the package in case your China travel package did not arrive on time. Follow the procedures in the above paragraphs for getting your China invitation letter issued properly.

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