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The Great Wall of China is one of the most visited places in Asia. This magnificent wall was built more than 6000 years ago to guard against floods and the rise of the threat from the Huns. Today, you can still see remnants of this wall, which include the five mile long, six feet high and five hundred foot wide walls. No matter what time of year it is, this wall is something that should be seen.

Most travelers who visit China either love it or hate it; the wall is such a huge tourist attraction that many cities have their own version of the Great Wall of China. In Beijing, the twenty-two mile long wall is a sight to behold, but you cannot walk on it. You need to rent a scooter or bike to get around and take in the sights. There are many hotels and guesthouses that have these arrangements, but if you would like to enjoy the beautiful wall without having to do so, then you can just book one of the day tours available through most tour companies.

An Overview

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The Beijing tourism bureau offers a day trip along the wall, which will allow you to see many parts of the wall, including the emperor’s palace, the scenic Qi River valley and the Yellow River. The tour usually lasts for three hours, although it may vary depending on the weather. Be careful about the temperature at night, as you might not get the desired temperature for your skin.

China Wall Travel Package 

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The third wall is less of a tourist attraction and more of a cultural experience. This tour runs for two days and allows you to explore the rich traditional culture of China. You will get to go to the Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, where you can also learn acupuncture. A great way to end the day is to visit the Great Wall, which will allow you to see one of the best pieces of antiquity in the world.

The Beijing travel guide will also show you the one section of the wall that no tourists are allowed to enter. It is called the Forbidden City, and is actually the home to the valuable treasures of China’s history, especially the Wall. During the day, this is one of the most photographed locations in China. You can also visit the Shanghai Museum of Modern Art, one of the largest collections in Asia, while you are there.

After visiting the Forbidden City, it is time to check out the Great Wall. You have a few options for this, depending on whether you want to walk, ride or fly to the wall. The Beijing travel guide will give you the information you need for this. If you like to walk, you will need to use the cable car that goes up to the wall. There are several routes, but they all take about an hour.

If you are going to ride, there are tour buses and ferries that will take you to the top of the Great Wall. They will also take you down to the valley where the wall is. This part of the wall is almost two miles long, so you will need a lot of walking to complete this great tour. Of course, you can also take a flight and go to the top of the wall, but it is much more expensive and much less exciting than a walk through the wall.

Bottom Line

You can choose from many different travel guides to help you through your China trip. Be sure that you choose one that covers the time period that you are visiting. If you are visiting during the Spring Festival, you might want to get a Beijing travel guide that covers that time period. The information provided is usually accurate and should give you all the information you will need for your trip. A Beijing tour is a very popular choice among tourists and the wall of the Great Wall makes it even more interesting.

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