COVID-19 – How Did China Survive This Pandemic?

Steps To Eradicate Corona-virus

Today’s world would have been so nice and pleasant for mankind to stay. People would have been enjoying their lives, spending some special time with their families, must be partying, and going on vacation. But, destiny had some other plans, and everything turns out to be disastrous for humanity. The harmful disease of coronavirus is what we normally call it as COVID-19. Initially, there were no such assumptions that could have been present that this disease would horrify the whole world. As of today, almost 180 countries have reported the case of coronavirus. All industries, transportations, and firms are not working due to this pandemic, and now the issue has become global. Almost all countries are under lockdown, and it is advisable to stay home so that the disease does not get spread. 

COVID-19 - How Did China Survive This Pandemic?
COVID-19 – How Did China Survive This Pandemic?

COVID-19 Origin

The disease originated from China, and it is expected that the virus got induced from a species of bat. It infected a lot of people in China, and many deaths were obvious results. It was due to some carelessness that has been displayed. Due to this, the virus spread all over the world. The scientists have declared it to be a brutal disease. Until now, no official vaccination has yet been confirmed for the same. We expect it to arrive after 12 to 18 months, but until then it will be a big problem. China has somehow managed to recover from the disease, and as of today, the cases in China have got very low. It was possible due to the lockdown that the government imposed on the country. The lockdown went on for around 80 days. 

There are necessary PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) kits that have been provided by China all over the world for testing coronavirus. It is expected from every country to use it properly. With that, doctors need to take care properly because the virus may cause harm to them as well, so a clear understanding must be there.

How China Survived The COVID-19 - The World's Conquering General
COVID-19 – How Did China Survive This Pandemic?

More To Know

The trained members of the team supervised the dressing and undressing of PPE kits. You need to gather all the necessary items of PPE beforehand, and you must put the scrub suit inside the bathroom. Doctors must wear rubber boots. But, if rubber boots are not available, then the shoes must be well-closed from everywhere. The face protection mask should be on throughout the time, along with goggles. Gloves must be put on, and the head portion must be well covered and keep sanitizer all the time. 


There are certain tips that doctors and people must keep in mind at this time. People must not go out and should wear masks and gloves all the time. Apart from this, it is mandatory to wash hands properly. You must spread awareness to others for the same cause. It is of utmost importance to stay strong, and we all shall stay patient and work hard to beat COVID-19 and make the world a happy and peaceful place once again. 

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