Covid-19 Test: A Look At Different Types Of Tests For Novel Corona Virus

covid-19 test

Covid-19 Test: In the current scenario, antibody and PCR testing are the two best ways that world healthcare systems are testing people for novel coronavirus.

Moreover, both the tests have their alarms. Hence, researchers are finding an alternate solution for screening the deadly virus.

Have A Look At Different Covid-19 Test Procedures

1. PCR Testing

Covid-19 Test: A Look At Different Types Of Tests For Novel Corona Virus
Covid-19 Test: A Look At Different Types Of Tests For Novel Corona Virus

In different types of Covid-19 tests, there is one testing called PCR testing. PCR test directly detects the existence of an antigen instead of the existence of the immune response of the antibodies or a body.

For detecting viral RNA, these PCR tests can identify whether anyone has a virus at a very early stage or not.

In short, you can also say that these tests are an excellent indicator of which an individual is affected and who is not. Moreover, these infected individuals can be isolated plus get in touch with persons that they have been in contact with so that these individuals can also be quarantined. Thus, it is a definite advantage of major tests of diagnostic as you can easily break or disconnect the spread of the transmission chain.

To scale the PCR tests for screening huge nasopharyngeal swathes swab (clean) samples from the crowd of people, public health officials can have a transparent picture of pandemic diseases such as Covid-19 spread within the population of a country.

Sometimes, 30% of false-negative reports can occur with different tests of PCR. It means that these tests are more beneficial for confirmation of the presence of Covid-19 infection rather than proving a patient a clear indication of no symptoms.

2. About Serologic Covid-19 Test

As per the health expert, the antibody test indicates the ratio of the population under the radar of infection.

On the contrary, it is disadvantageous to know that such a test does not indicate who’s infected. The reason it does not tell is as these antibodies are produced after one or two weeks. After these weeks, the virus must clear out from the body.

However, it indicates who is infected and which individual must be immune to a virus.

The past studies indicate that people who survived the 2003 SARS pandemic had antibodies in people’s blood for several years, even after recovery.

The deadly coronavirus causes both Covid-19 as well as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome. Nevertheless, it will be early to predict and say that if Covid-19 will produce a similar immune response.

If the officials of public health can manage on what ratios of mass are immune to a virus theoretically. Such information can help in lifting the restrictions on social distance movements.

If there are a higher number of people having immunity, then they will stop the virus from spreading among the population. If people have the protection of good immunity around them, then the infection cannot spread.

3. Information On Lateral Flow Assay

There are different rapid screening Covid-19 test in the market. In a lateral flow assay, there is a quick response. Also, the experts claim it the test produces results within 5-15 minutes. Also, the test charges you less than USD 50. Lateral flow assays comprise a wide range of applications. Moreover, it can test samples such as saliva, serum, urine, and many other fluids.

Furthermore, considering pregnancy tests, these lateral flow tests search for the hCG hormone generated by pregnant ladies. The hormones are produced while HIV lateral flow assay detects the virus instantly and directly. These tests indicate the biological presence of the market.

4. Antigen Testing – Rapid In-Clinic Covid-19 Test

Covid-19 Test: A Look At Different Types Of Tests For Novel Corona Virus
Covid-19 Test: A Look At Different Types Of Tests For Novel Corona Virus

It is a test that produces results within two & a half hours.

The test runs on the device performing Vivalytic analysis. It is a test that is completely automated and uses molecular diagnostic testing that medical institutions can directly use.

Vivalytic comprises a matching test cartridge plus an analyzing device, analyzer. In every cartridge, biological components are present that have or have not the evidence of a sample comprising of SARS-CoV-2 or nine different respiratory problems of viruses or not. It erases the requirements of more tests if a patient is not suffering from Covid-19, but they are having one of the nine other viruses or infections.

Conclusion On The Covid-19 Test!

Interestingly, it will be there in the German markets by April with other European countries’ markets to follow the footsteps.

Hence, every country is working sincerely on the COVID-19 test to flatten the curve of the deadly virus quickly. Also, research on vaccines is under process to heal the humans from Covid-19.

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