Covid19 Facts And Myths That You Must Know In This Outbreak Time!

covid19 facts

Undoubtedly, coronavirus is a deadly contagious virus that has spread its feathers in no time across the globe.  However, the novel coronavirus has a severe effect on Asia, North America, European countries, Southern Africa.

If you are seeking to know the basic covid-19 facts! Then you are in the right place! While talking about the details of COVID-19 in-depth, many people are unaware of some basic covid19 facts! With a fast spread of myths and misinformation, here are some common facts that we present against some myths which will clear all your doubts.

Q.1 Majority Of The People Who Suffer From Covid19 Either Die Or Get Highly Sick!

Facts: As per the above myth, the majority of people suffer from a mild illness. Also, these people can have a 100% recovery rate without any professional medical treatment requirement. 8 out of 10 people will have mild symptoms of the virus. Also, only six people will suffer severely and will need medical care.

The essential thing you should is 1 out of 100 people having coronavirus die’s as per the reports.

Q.2 Can You Tell If Someone Has Corona Virus?

Facts: The answer to this question is a straight no. For about 14 days, the virus remains in the body of anyone having the symptoms. Also, a few people suffer from mild cases that often go unnoticeable. This, it is vital to know that everyone should follow the advice of the government. Such advice includes avoiding crowded places, cover your cough, frequent hand washing, using tissues when you sneeze or cough.

Q.3 Covid19 Is Only Affecting Old People, That Means Younger People Should Not Worry?

Basic facts about COVID-19
Basic facts about COVID-19

Facts: While it is obvious that coronavirus is dangerous enough in age-old people, but it does not mean that it will not affect younger people. If there are any chronic health conditions in young as well as in the old people, then a person can suffer serious symptoms. For example, young or older people suffering from heart conditions, asthma, or HIV can have serious illnesses due to coronavirus. 

Q.4 HIV People Are More Prone To Covid19?

Facts: There is no evidence that people having HIV are at higher risk of having serious symptoms of COVID-19. A good HIV prevention treatment strengthens your immune system, and hence, your body can deal with different infections.

Q.5 Covid19 Cannot Spread In Warm Conditions!

Fact: Novel coronavirus can withstand temperatures of more than 25 degrees Celsius. Thus, whatever weather condition is there, follow the government guidelines. On the other hand, it is good to get some early morning sunbath as it enhances your Vitamin D, which improves your immune system.

Q.6 Hot Drinks Will Prevent You From Corona Virus!

Covid19 Facts And Myths That One Must Know In This Outbreak Time
Covid19 Facts And Myths That One Must Know In This Outbreak Time

Facts: There is no such thing as the consumption of cold or hot water to stop the spread of coronavirus. There is no evidence of this question. But, drinking excessive water, having a good sleep, and taking paracetamol can help manage the coronavirus symptoms.

Thus, these covid19 facts will unlock your misinformation side and help you be more careful about preventing COVID-19.

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