Enjoying Traditional Chinese Culture

Traditional Chinese Culture

As anyone who has lived in China will tell you, traditional Chinese culture is rich and diverse in many ways. While there are certain core aspects of Chinese life that you can easily identify with – food, clothing, and other cultural elements – there are also many aspects unique to the Chinese experience.

Amount Of Money You Will Be Spending

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The first thing that one notices when going into traditional Chinese culture is the amount of money spent. After all, you do not see many people playing traditional Chinese instruments such as the two-stringed bamboo flute or the bamboo erhu, or playing calligraphy using rice paper dipped in sweetened water, as you do in Beijing. Instead, it is more common in Taiwan to see locals drinking freshly-brewed tea instead of the more traditional way – loose leaf tea steeped in porcelain cups.

Next, you cannot help noticing in the culture the number of women you see. This may seem surprising, but women are the biggest and most visible part of traditional Chinese culture. Not only is it more common for men to dress formally, but many women choose to do the same. For example, Chinese men usually wear dark clothing, while Chinese women may sport a colorful sash, or kimono, on their backs.

Chinese Business

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You will also notice that Chinese business is very different from China’s other countries. For instance, if you want to have a Chinese-run business, you will often find that the Chinese government will help finance your company. This can be seen in places such as the mainland city of Hangzhou, where you can find several large hotels and other businesses that have been set up by the government.

Also, in Chinese culture, people are very familiar with the concept of family. Unlike most Westerners who are used to the idea of a big, complicated family unit, Chinese people tend to think in terms of a single unit of household. For instance, family members often share rooms, share meals, and play a role in each other’s lives. One can even find Chinese family members living in the same room as you do – something that seems unheard of in Western culture.

High Respect For Death

Finally, Chinese culture is known to have extremely high respect for death. Many people in China will not marry until their parents have passed on because they are willing to give up their happiness for their children’s happiness.

And finally, in China, there is a belief in karma, which means that things will return to the state they were in before they died. Therefore, Chinese people who pass away will not be remembered in the present time, but only in the future – a concept that you will find much less in Western culture.

So whether you are looking for a great vacation, or a chance to learn a new language or culture, or want to travel the world, it would be worthwhile to consider learning the ways of traditional Chinese culture. Whether you wish to visit China or not, you will find that Chinese traditions and customs will surprise and impress you.

Indeed, a visit to a traditional Chinese restaurant is usually the best way to experience Chinese food. While western restaurants will feature many exotic dishes, the real experience will come from dining out in a traditional Chinese restaurant.

Final Words

Many Chinese restaurants offer a wide range of menu choices, and this includes all sorts of food – from simple stir-fry dishes to elegant meals of gourmet quality. As you might expect, they also serve a variety of wine and alcoholic beverages, so that you can get the full experience of Chinese culture.

So whether you want to visit China for business or pleasure, you will find that you will enjoy Chinese culture greatly if you understand the tradition of traditional Chinese culture.

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