Facts the Chinese Astrology Signs Reveal

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The Zodiac sign plays the most important role in Chinese culture. It is believed that people’s birth years determine their Chinese zodiac signs which are otherwise called sheng Xiao or shu Xiang. It is classified based on the lunar calendar. The zodiac sign was seen for fortune, marriage, compatibility, the best time to have a baby, the best time to start a business, and to choose a career path, etc.

Origin Story of Zodiac Sign        

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At first, the Chinese had no zodiac sign. Behind the origin of the zodiac sign, there is an awesome story beginning with, once upon a time, the Jade emperor wanted a guard for his palace. so he selected twelve animals and conducted a competition. It was a “Great Race”. The twelve animals that are included in the Chinese Zodiac Signs are 













The competition was the animal which crosses the river first. So everyone expected that the ox would cross the river first but the rat, by his intelligence, climbs on the ox’s ears till it crosses the river. After it reaches the bank of the river the rat jumps and reaches the foot of the emperor first and becomes the winner. So rat is first, the ox is second and the tiger reaches the emperor third and becomes third. A rabbit, which is the fastest animal, reached the emperor fourth and followed that dragon, snake, horse, goat, monkey, rooster, dog and pig.

Zodiac Sign With Their Chinese Name

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1.Rat – shu

2.Ox – nu

3.Tiger – hu

4.Rabbit – tu

5.Dragon – Iong

6.Snake – she

7.Horse – ma

8.Goat – yang

9.Monkey – you

11.Rooster – Ji

12.Dog – gou

13.Pig – Zhu

Characteristics Of People According To Their Zodiac Sign

1.The persons having rats as a zodiac sign are a person who is kind-hearted, resourceful, versatile and quick-witted.

2.The persons having ox as a zodiac sign are dependent on some other but they are strong and determined and they are diligent.

3.The persons having a tiger as a zodiac sign are competitive, and they are brave and confident.

4.The persons having a rabbit as a zodiac sign, they are quiet, elegant and they are a kind-hearted person and also responsible one.

5.The persons having a dragon as a zodiac sign are intelligent, enthusiastic and confident people.

6.The persons who have snakes as a zodiac sign are wise and intelligent and enigmatic.

7.The persons having a horse as a zodiac sign, are active, energetic and animated.

8.The person having a goat as a zodiac sign is a calm, gentle and sympathetic person.

9.The persons having a monkey as a zodiac sign, have high curiosity and they are sharp and smart.

10.The persons having a rooster as their zodiac sign, are good observers, and hardworking and courageous people.

11.The persons having a dog as a zodiac sign, they are a lovable person and also an honest person

12.The person pig as a zodiac sign, they are diligent, generous and compassionate.

Best Match For Their Zodiac Sign

1.Tiger – Best match – Pig

2.Rabbit – Best match- Dog

3.Dragon – Best match – Rooster

4.Snake – Best match – Monkey

5.Horse – Best match – Goat

6.Goat – Best match – Horse

7.Monkey – Best match – snake

8.Rooster – Best match – Dragon

9.Dog – Best match- Rabbit

10.Pig – Best match – Tiger


Along with zodiac signs they also considered five elements they are






They considered these five also their future predictable things.

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