The Great Wall Of China And Its History

The Great Wall Of China And Its History

The Great Wall of China has a history of 2300 years. Building in different areas happened because of different states’ dynasty to protect that territorial borders. Great Wall of China is one of the greatest engineering wonders. It can even be seen from space. It’s a military Masterpiece and has witnessed hundreds of battles and still holds much mystery.

The Chinese Wall As A Commercial Route

The dynasty that continued after the Qin was the Han dynasty, whose emperor, Gaozu, took power in China in 202 BC. The strategy adopted by the Han was simple: abandon the wall project and negotiate with the invaders of the north through “diplomatic gifts”, such as women, food, etc. However, under the reign of Emperor Wudi, the construction of the wall resumed for 2 reasons :

  • To defend against the Nomadic Chinese people of the north, the Xiongnu, whose offensives began in 129 BC and ended with the victory of the Han in 119 BC
  • To establish a commercial route that will progressively become the Silk Road.

If we were to summarize the overall usefulness of the Chinese Wall during its history, we can say that it is more of an advantage for the route of transportation of people and goods than a defensive fortification. Although it is also not negligible as such.

The Great Wall Of China And Its History
The Great Wall Of China And Its History

In China, there are other beautiful monuments, but the Great Wall is undoubtedly the most imposing.

The end of the Han dynasty, during the 3rd century AD, marks the outbreak of 3 different kingdoms in China:

  • The Kingdom of Wei, to the north
  • Southeast Kingdom of Wu
  • The Kingdom of Shu, to the west, in the Sichuan basin

In this way, building the wall becomes increasingly difficult and its utility is increasingly doubtful. However, at the end of the 6th century AD, with the end of the Wei dynasty in the north, the project of building a true wall returns to the minds of the powerful, but they will not carry it out.

Who Built The Great Wall Of China?

The first emperor, the Quin, invented the Great Wall of China. Well, actually he is not only the one who contributed to the project. Besides him, the tallest of other rulers also contributed to the construction.

Why Was The Great Wall Of China Built?

The major reason behind the building of this wall was to protect the trade on the Silk route. The first emperor of clean inked the Northern Hills to prevent invasion from Northern Nations.

Properties Of The Great Wall Of China

  • The humongous Great Wall is the embodiment of wisdom, dedication, blood, and sweat.
  • Separation of families took place and many of the workers died meanwhile
  • Usage of Construction materials like stone soil and brick took place in the construction
  • It is a great accomplishment in the field of architect and Engineering

Characteristics Of The Wall

The construction happened many times before any break. Earth stones and wood came into use because of the earth building school notwithstanding strength and small arms such as ash wood and spirits. And heavy usage of their below technology of productivity bricks in many areas of the world. During the Ming dynasty as well as materials, they brought into limestones, which made the length of 21.19618 million meters.

Interesting Facts About The Great Wall Of China

The Great Wall Of China And Its History
The Great Wall Of China And Its History
  • the Great Wall of China is called the longest symmetry of the earth
  • The wall is threatened with erosion
  • It is visible from the outer space
  • Over 10 million people visit the Great Wall of China every year

Just like gigantic Dragon, the Great Wall of China winds up and down across deserts grassland mountain and plateau it is standing upright.

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