Here Is Our Great Wall Of China Travel Guide For First Time Travelers

We know everyone is blaming China for ruining our lives for nearly two years. Well, the Covid-19 virus will end one day, and WHO will release the statements of going mask-free. That would be the period when you’ll finally restart your travel plans without facing the hassle of strict lockdown guidelines. 

Which are the destinations that are on your travel bucket list? There might be many, and one of them is the Great Wall Of China. The Great Wall Of China is also one of the seven wonders that also grabs the attention of 10-20 million tourists every year. 

So if you’re planning to visit this destination, here is our Great Wall Of China for all amateur travelers. 

A Brief Overview About Great Wall Of China (Read This)

A large waterfall with Huangshan in the background

As per the reports, the entire length of the Great Wall Of China is more than 6,000 km. Above all, if the length of all the walls is measured altogether, the distance will be more than 20,000 km. 

If you go back to the history of China, it says more than one million workers were hired for building the Great Wall Of China. This prime destination was constructed during the Ming Dynasty. At that time, various watchtowers, cannons, and fortifications were also built to protect China’s Great Wall from the invaders. 

There are various myths and mythological stories related to this destination, and you’ll only learn about them while cruising the Great Wall Of China.

Some Interesting Facts About The Great Wall Of China (Very Important)

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As already mentioned above, various myths are associated with this location, and some are just misleading and fake. Here, we’re sharing some interesting facts about the Great Wall Of China. 

  • Chinese people call this wall with other names like ‘Long City,’ but they never claimed the term ‘Great.’
  • As per the history of China, the Great Wall Of China was built around 2000 years ago. Some myths claim that the dragons constructed the Great Wall Of China in the ancient period.  
  • The Great Wall Of China doesn’t comprise the dead bodies of laborers; it’s just a myth spread by some invaders. 

Reaching The Great Wall Of China (It’s Super Easy)

The Great Wall Of China is situated in Badaling city, accessible by all the parts of China. If you want to reach Badaling quickly, embark on the daily passenger trains from the Beijing Huangtudian Railway Station.

From this railway station to Badaling city, the entire journey is just 1.5 hours. You can even book a private vehicle from the major cities. If you’re in the city center, you probably require 90-100 minutes to reach Badaling city or Mutianyu. In simpler words, it’s easy to reach the Great Wall Of China by all the transportation modes. 

Final Thoughts

In the age where travelers are more fascinated after seeing skyscrapers, nothing can beat the charm of the Great Wall Of China. We hope our Great Wall Of China travel guide is helpful for the people planning to visit this destination. 

If anyone wants to share more information about this location, please drop your valuable information in the comment box.

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