How Old is Chinese Culture

how old is chinese culture

How old is Chinese culture really? The people in the Orient call themselves “Shanzhai,” which literally means “state of Shanzhai.” This, in fact, originated from a misunderstanding of the word “Shanzai,” which was used to describe a style of folk music that was popular in the Chinese culture. This was actually a derogatory term for Chinese musicians who practiced things like shamen, which involved musical, artistic, and spiritual activities including dancing.

When Westerners heard about this, they were surprised to hear that it involved Chinese dating. But they were interested in learning more about it. They wanted to learn more about their romantic notions about romance could be applied to the Chinese culture. When they began to research the topic, they discovered that the original meaning of the phrase was “of the moon” or “of the stars.” Thus, the phrase came to mean “of the night,” and “of the other side of the moon.”

Know How Old Is The Chinese Culture

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This is why one of the major attractions of a Chinese dating site is the ability to find potential new friends or life partners. Singles seeking partners want to make sure that they are not just meeting another bunch of strangers who have the same middle names as them. They want to find friendship in China. After all, there is no English word for “friend.” There are only the term “feng shui” – a reference to the belief in luck and fortune – and “hanxiong dau.”

The question becomes, how old is Chinese culture, as old as everything else? How long did it take for all those thousands of poems and songs to be composed? How long did it take for those early Chinese matrimonial sites to be established? How did those young Chinese people get to know each other? And how long has Chinese culture been around?

The answer to how old is Chinese culture is “evolution.” This is not evolution in the classic sense of biological evolution; though there are some genetic changes among Chinese individuals, such as increased susceptibility to infectious disease, there is nothing like natural selection. No, Chinese people are not evolving biologically, but they are getting older. The most common estimate is that the average age of the Chinese community is thirty-five years. Of course, this varies by age, gender, place of birth, and so on.

Some Facts To Know

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While the exact numbers are hard to come by – due to so many of the Chinese population being abroad, no accurate count can be made – many older Chinese people are happy to tell you that they have found true love online in one of the many free dating services now available. There are many of these services, with several thousand members worldwide, and they are growing by leaps and bounds every year. In fact, it is hard to find an older Chinese person who is not a member of one or more of the many free online dating services now available. They are turning out to be younger, hotter, and slimmer than ever before, and the best part is that these newly found love interests often make a strong effort to learn English, so that they can use the language effectively when communicating with their new Western partners.

One of the biggest draws for these singles, beyond the ease of communicating with them over the internet, is the anonymity. As anyone who has logged into any major social networking site can tell you, face to face interaction with someone is difficult. We don’t know who we are really talking to, and we don’t always know how to judge the trustworthiness of that person. Chinese people are used to living in a society where their words are held in much higher regard than those of Americans or Europeans, and online dating sites give those Singles that opportunity. It’s much easier to build up trust in China with a Chinese person than in the West, where suspicion is widespread and can run high.

Bottom Line

Many newly married couples started out with one of the many free dating sites in China, before eventually moving on to match up with the perfect partner through a paid Chinese online dating service. Those who have moved on to find their true love or friendship, while older Chinese singles, will probably tell you that they wouldn’t consider going back to their country if they had found true love or friendship there, even if the cost is much higher. With a large pool of new and young Chinese singles to choose from, learning how old is Chinese culture is easy when you take advantage of one of the many free dating sites out there today.

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