Know About Some Famous China Landmarks

china landmarks

There are some famous landmarks to be seen in case of every nation around the world. Over the years these landmarks have become a part of the culture of those nations. This needs to be understood from the very outset as there are different benefits and concerns when it comes to the notion of having landmarks. In terms of benefits, it is all about having a thriving tourism economy that is good for the nation. In terms of concern, it has to be noted in this regard that the issue at hand is to preserve these landmarks from any unfortunate incident. There are different types of risks to be found all around us and to address all those is immensely important. Here we shall explore some intriguing aspects of China landmarks.

China Landmarks

There are a large number of China landmarks to be found. The nation is very old. Quite naturally it has a rich sense of history and culture. This rich history can tend to attract a large number of people within its portfolio. The range and diversity to be found in the case of China landmarks are huge. From stony structures to architectural marvels, the list can go on in this case.

Great Wall Of China Is One Of China Landmarks

The Great Wall of China is known globally as one of the foremost China landmarks. It forms a significant part of Chinese history and is intimately linked with the culture of the nation. One needs to remember in this case that tourists from across the world come to visit this nation particularly to have a glimpse of the China Wall at large and this has to be noted with sincerity in this case.

Beijing Zoo As One Of China Landmarks

The city of Beijing is known all over the world. It is the capital of the nation of China. It has several attractions to offer to people and one among such China landmarks is its zoo. The zoo is very intriguing, to say the least. It has a wide variety of exotic animals. Such animals are absent in most zoos of the world. Therefore, to have the unique experience of visiting these, people go to this place.

Saint Sophia Cathedral

The religious fervor associated with this makes it one of the best China landmarks. It is famous for its appeal of tranquility to be found and that is why people from different walks of life come to visit it at times.

Li River

The river is known to many as one of the miraculous rivers of the world. As part of the global heritage initiative, internal organizations have decided to preserve this river with the best possible resources. In this regard, it has to be mentioned here that the river can be considered to be truly one of the most intriguing of China landmarks.


There are thus multiple China landmarks to be found. Each has its own set of special features to reckon with. The article explored some of those famous China landmarks here with due sincerity.

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