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About Lonely Planet China: Travel has never been easier. Travel to Asia by land, sea, or air, with the help of a guided tour that combines adventure, culture, history and adventure, with the assistance of the latest technology.

The Lonely Planet Travel Guide, with its detailed itinerary, is a must-have for all travellers to the Chinese mainland. Since 1983, Lonely Planet has been the largest world travel media organization with travel guides to every part of the globe, a world-class website, books, mobile, and digital travel products.

The Lonely Planet China Book

It is the official publisher of The New York Times, The Independent, National Geographic Traveler, and other prestigious journals and periodicals. Also, it is the premier travel and tourism magazine, with more than one million copies distributed worldwide. A New York Times Best Book of the Year, The Lonely Planet Guide to China covers everything from cultural heritage to cuisine to shopping, from history to modern culture.

The latest Lonely Planet guide to China is a travel and tourism publication. That was published in 2020, the year of the last Communist Party Congress. It covers all the aspects of China’s rich cultural past and present, from ancient sites to modern architecture.

Everything About Lonely Planet China
Everything About Lonely Planet China

The book contains information on over 400 travel destinations, with the descriptions, location maps, and attractions listed. It provides information on the best places for a quiet retreat, historical sights, exotic wildlife and scenery, popular dining spots and nightlife, and even local handicrafts. It also lists the best cities to live in and visit and provides information on Chinese restaurants, shopping centres, and the Chinese currency.


This book also provides information on travelling in the Chinese language. Travellers will learn about Chinese writing, pronunciation, etiquette, and customs. A new feature is a glossary of common phrases and abbreviations, which can save time and energy when travelling abroad. And it is an important tool for learning the language. As well as being a fun way to pass the time while on your trip.

When looking for travel ideas to take on your trip to China. You will find that this popular travel guidebook is an excellent resource for ideas and advice. It gives suggestions on how to travel to China, including budget travel plans for sightseeing tours. Hotels, tours, sightseeing, cuisine and sightseeing, transportation, sightseeing and much more.

Lonely Planet China Guide
Lonely Planet China Guide

This popular travel guide was created by Richard Leong. A former British Army officer and former Royal Air Force flight engineer. He was born in China and lived there for many years. Where he developed friendships with fellow travellers, local Chinese people. With a passion for travel and the environment, Leong began writing his first Lonely Planet guide in 1977.

Widely Read Travel Book

This popular Lonely Planet guide has become one of the most widely read travel books and guides on earth. It is one of the largest selling guides and has sold over five million copies to date. It is written by a former Royal Air Force officer and served as the inspiration for thousands of travel writers.

The information provided in this popular book is easy to understand, making it easy for travel writers to compile their travel guides or sell them through other companies. You will find this book to be valuable for anyone who wants to experience the wonderful country of China in their travel itineraries.

The information included in this book is also easy to access, thanks to a convenient index. It lists the name of every destination, as well as its location on the map, with a description, history and a brief history, about the location, as well as a photo and details about the historical landmarks.

The book includes sections for sightseeing, travel, cuisine, history and culture, and much more. While it is not as detailed as other Lonely Planet guides, this book covers the basics and is a good starting point for any traveller interested in China.

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