Lets Know About The Tea Chinese Culture Closely

Tea Chinese Culture

In Chinese tradition, tea has an important place. China’s national drink is tea. It is not a beverage to calm yourself but it is also used for its health benefits. There are so many types of tea with different tastes, aromas, and health impacts. The tea Chinese culture is very old and followed religiously by people and thus it has become a famous drink across the world. If you see Chinese history, you will find the name of the emperor Shanno. He preferred drinking boiled water for hygiene purposes and was the founder of tea. It was by accident when some dry leaves got boiled in his drinking water. He found it refreshing and according to the Chinese legends, it was the birth of tea.

Here is a brief introduction to their tea culture

Art Of Tea In Tea Chinese Culture

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When understanding making tea as per the Chinese culture, you should pay attention to the atmosphere and environment around you, infusing techniques, interpersonal relationships, and music.

Tea Tasting

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In China, the quality of tea is measured on its fragrance, flavor, and most importantly the color. The taste should be fully enjoyed during the tasting. The tea is judged on the quality of water and even the tea set as well.

The Highest Scope Of Tea Lore

Ethics, morality, and philosophy are blended in the activity of tea making in China. Tea lore in different periods of history has a different representation. Chinese lore of tea is older than Japan and it is possibly a thousand years old.

Seven Types Of Tea In Tea Chinese Culture

Oolong Tea

Its other name is blue tea. It is an unfermented tea, which is made from red and green tea’s blend. The tea boosts the quality of the aroma and flavor of both teas (red and blue). This tea is also most preferred as a beauty enhancer and weight loss aid.

Yellow Tea In Tea Chinese Culture

This tea is prepared using naturally dry leaves. The tea has a unique aroma like red tea. However, the taste is more like white and green tea. It is served from the emperor’s time.

Black Tea

In tea Chinese culture, this tea holds the second place. A new bag of tea leaves, that is rolled, wilted dried, and fermented is used for this tea.

Pu’er Tea

It is originally from Yunnan. It has two types, sheng Pu’er, the green or raw Pu’er and other is shu Pu’er, the black or ripened Pu’er.

Dark Tea

This tea is post-fermented and is like by many people. It undergoes fermentation combined with bacteria. To prepare this tea, you need to follow six steps.

Green Tea

This is the most popular tea in china. It is also the oldest and is in Chinese tradition for thousands of years. The tea leaves are processed and dried according to the desire of tea.

White Tea

It is an uncured and unfermented green tea. It is light in color and great in taste. It also presents the tradition of China where poor people offer it to their guests in plain boiled water when they are out of tea. That is why they called it “white tea”.


Tea Chinese culture is very rich and you will be amazed to know the facts and techniques they use for making tea.

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