Most Famous Chinese Tea And Where To Find Them I Interesting Guide

Most Famous Chinese Tea And Where To Find Them

Most Famous Chinese Tea And Where To Find Them

Drinking tea is an essential habit of Chinese culture. China is the one who derived tea and now they are most popular with their enhanced skill in tea making. Its customized tea-drinking and globalized approach worldwide made it a culture via Silk Road and other world trade channels. The Chinese people have invented an exclusive cover page about tea productions which is the most popular in world history. So, China deserves to call as a primary contributor to the development and promotion of tea in the world. Traditionally, there are ten numbers of popular teas. Here we furnished and elaborated about the ten most popular tea and its development.

Chinese Tea: Long Jing – The Dragon Tea

Well, Tea in Oregon is a vital part of the culture in Hangzhou. It expresses the lifestyle of local people and the Chinese people. However, it takes around 6 hours to pluck for the Dragon Well tea. It takes more than 4 hours for frying and provides us a wonderful well green tea. The Dragon Well tea again turns up into yellow color and luster becomes green completely. However, the tea becomes flat and smooth, after cleaning the bubbles, hanging into the water, the buds stand upright, tea comes up with fragrance and it becomes dark brown and dark green in color and the bright, flavor becomes glycolic.

Chinese Tea: The Huangshan’s Famous Tea

Most Famous Chinese Tea And Where To Find Them
Most Famous Chinese Tea And Where To Find Them

Huangshan Tea is a type of green tea manufactured in Anhui State in China. It is known as the most renowned Chinese tea and entitled to the top peak position of Tea production.

Chinese Tea: The Biluochun Tea Called As Green Snail Spring

Eventually, there are seven grades that cause quality deterioration. Supremes, Supremes-Ⅰ, Grades-Ⅰ, and Grades-gradeⅢ.

Biluochun is the most popular Chinese green tea. It grows in the mountain named Dong Ting in Taihu in Jiangsu Sates. This tea is also renowned as Pi-Lo-Chun. As a result, it rolls down into a tight spiral binding which seems to be a slice of snail meat and the crops come in earlier. It is called Green Snail Spring, the English name.

Tieguanyin (Iron Goddess)

Tieguanyin is a kind of oolong tea in China. It derived in Anxi in the Fujian States in the 19th Century. It produces in different places in Anxi and the tea is very tasty.

Junshan Yinzhen Tea – The Master Of Silver Needle

Junshan Yinzhen Tea is a type of yellow tea generates in Junshan Islands in the Hunan States in China. The plantations are available by the local farmers in Junshan Island.

Keemun Tea – Another Famous Tea

Keemun Tea is a type of black tea produced in Qinmen County of Anhui States. Consequently, it depicts a famous history of around 137 years. The Tea was first generated by a civil servant named Yu Quinten in 1875. In earlier days, there was only green tea in Anhui. When Keemun Tea Started to use, the output result meets the expectation level and the tea became popular in England overnight. Thus, it became an essential component of breakfast tea in England.

Most Famous Chinese Tea And Where To Find Them
Most Famous Chinese Tea And Where To Find Them

Da Hong Pao-The Large Red Level Tea

Da Hong Pao has another name of Red Robe which is the most popular tea in Mount Wuyi country. It is a type of tea that produces less than 1 kg of tea harvest every year.

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