New Year Pears Chinese Culture

pears chinese culture

The lunar year is followed by the calendar of China. The months become shorter, and the dates are different from the Gregorian calendar. Therefore, people celebrate this as a festival. People of old customs and traditions gather together and celebrate this festival by giving gifts to one another. Some gifts are avoided by the people because they believe that those gifts are unlucky and thus should not be gifted to anyone. Pears Chinese culture is adopted by all the people in China.

On Chinese New Year, giving fruits is the most common thing that people use. But some gifts are strictly avoided by everyone like sharp objects, clocks, shoes, handkerchiefs and pears. Pears Chinese culture is a bit strange for many of us, but it is common in them. No one is allowed to give someone this as a gift. You can give any other fruit in gifts, but pears are not considered to be lucky or something to be gifted. People who believe in these rituals and culture are still following this rule.

Reasons Of Pears Chinese Culture

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Although this festival of China New Year is a lot of fun, there are some things that are purely prohibited. People of old traditions have an Orthodox thinking, and they believe that giving some gifts like shoes, pears and clocks etc. will give a wrong message and thus, people started to avoid these gifts. Pears Chinese culture came out from this custom only.

Pears are not considered to be a good gift because the word pear is similar to the word parting. Therefore, it is believed that this gift would mean goodbye to other people. If you give it to your loved and close ones, then it means you are leaving them or bidding goodbye. That is why, people of China do not share a pear with their beloved ones. The pears Chinese culture was adopted by people of ancient times, and this taboo is still continuing in many parts of China.


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People in China celebrate their festivals with a lot of enjoyment and curiosity. This festival of New Year is also celebrated by almost all the people. They exchange gifts and gather together to enjoy together. Besides the enjoyment, there are also some restrictions in this festival. Giving someone certain gifts like handkerchiefs, clocks, shoes, etc., is prohibited as they are considered to be symbols of unluckiness. Pears are also among these gifts which should not be given to your loved ones as it is similar to the word “part.” Therefore, giving your closer ones a pear is not good as it will symbolize goodbye. Thus, Pears Chinese culture is adopted by almost everybody in China.

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