Requirements For Visa China Travel

Visa China Travel

Just like any country requires a visa for a visit. Similarly, china requires a visa when you wish to visit that country. The china visa is also known as an L visa. The visa allows them to travel for free in most parts of China as tourists. Further, the essentials for a visa china travel are a passport, application form, and documents that show your itinerary or an invitation from China.

Also, in most cases, tourists get a single travel L visa that provides them a stay of 30 days. However, residents of the UK, US, Canada, And Argentina get ten years visa with multiple entries. Moreover, if you are traveling in a group, then your passport will be a group visa.

Here are some visa china travel requirements that will help you in easily getting a visa.


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A passport is an essential thing for applying for a visa. Also, your passport should have a validity of 6 months or more. Further, you should keep a Photostat and soft copy of your passport, too, with yourself.

Application Form

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A china visa application form correctly filled should be submitted along with your passport. Further, if certain questions do not apply to your travel, you must fill it by writing N/A.

Moreover, if any false information you provide in this form can result in legal issues or rejection of the visa, always provide true information and not conceal any facts.

Recent Photo

With your application photo, you must attach a passport size colored photo. Also, the photo should feature a white background.

Round Trip Tickets And Hotel Bookings

When applying for the visa, you must show the documents that depict the itinerary and proof of ticket booking. It should also contain a hotel booking confirmation.

Further, if you are invited to China by someone else, you should submit the invitation letter. Along with these details, you must submit details about your gender, birth, and name. You should also provide details about your arrival and departure.

Furthermore, if someone invites you, then you must give the details about that person too.

How To Get A Chinese Visa?

With all the documents in hand, you can visit a Chinese embassies, consulates, Chinese diplomatic missions, or a china visa application center if you have any of these in your country. If you don’t have these in your country, you can even opt for a travel agent.

Normally it takes about four working days to get your visa. Further, the cost of the visa varies from your nationality and also the number of entries. However, some countries get a china visa for free.


In a nutshell, it can be said that the process of visa china travel is the same as that of any other country. Further, you can even get some extension in your visa if you apply before seven days of your visa expiration. Also, ensure to provide complete and true information to the officials to avoid any legal issues.

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