Review And Benefits Of The Book Best China Travel Guide

best china travel guide

There are so many different types of people that go on business trips to China. Do you know what is in the best China travel guide? Do you know which cities are considered the best to visit? How about which ones you should avoid going to? The only way to really find the best China travel guide for you is to do some research.

Do you prefer business travel where you spend most of your time in either one or a few Chinese cities?

Most people who choose to travel to China opt for an eBook option instead of a hardcover China Witness. An eBook allows you to read it from start to finish whenever you want. You also have the flexibility to pick and read the chapters at your leisure and when you have time. While an authentic China Witness travel guide usually comes with a hardbound book, an eBook option offers the convenience of skipping ahead when you’re ready.

Decades Of Experience Traveling

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So, what makes an accurate and beneficial China Witness ebook such a great value? The answer lies in the author’s decades of experience traveling to and living in China. She knows what Chinese people are thinking, feeling, and doing four years ago; she understands their complex society and how to get insider information from ordinary people like you and me.

This is a book that will save you money, because it gives you detailed insights into how to use real China experience to cut costs when visiting China. That’s right, the author says you can get around China using “fake” or counterfeit Chinese tourist money. How does she do this? Well, she lets you in on her secret: through the magic of google images, you can find out all about cheap hotels in China that offer amenities like toiletries, hot water, room service, cable television, internet, etc. At a whopping $14 per day, these China cheap hotels will definitely help you cut costs while you’re in China. These “designer hotels” are located all over China, so even if you can’t afford to stay at one of them, you can still stay at a nice hotel with a nice view of the city while you’re in China.

In addition to giving you all the best features and tips for cutting costs on your China trip, The Best China Travel Guide in Your Experience, fourth edition, also offers some amazing bonus features. For example, if you order the eBook version, it comes with an extra chapter that explains popular local dishes. Some of these include: Bamboo Duck, Doume, Spring Rolls, Pepper Crab, Beef & Broccoli, Rice Cake, Red Bean Dip, BBQ Ribs, and more.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

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On top of all the great details in The Best China Travel Guide, it also helps you avoid some of the most common mistakes travelers make. For instance, instead of learning to identify authentic China restaurants in major cities, the target traveler often ends up going to places that are actually stocked by Chinese restaurant chains (not local restaurants).

By reading this guide, the target traveler knows what to look for and doesn’t end up wasting time trying to identify real places. It also helps you avoid being conned by Chinese con artists.

While this is a great book, I wouldn’t call it a perfect China travel guide. One thing it does have is a lot of good information, but many of the details are oversimplified. For instance, it lists five travel destinations in a row, saying that these are the best places to experience “Chinese culture”. However, it does not explain why these places are so highly recommended or provide an explanation as to how visitors can get along during their time there.

Final Verdict

Overall, it is a good resource for someone looking for a more detailed, comprehensive guide. However, I would recommend getting the free “cheap” ebooks available on the internet as they cover a lot more ground.

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