Shanghai China Tourist Attractions

shanghai china tourist attractions

The largest city of china is shanghai that provides visitors with amazing sightseeing opportunities for travelers. China has a population of 24 million people, and this busy city still offers attractions and historic districts alongside its new tourist sites. Shanghai is known to be the busiest container port because of its position at the mouth of the Yangtze River. You will also be able to explore more water along the inland waterways and Chinese coast. There are several shanghai china tourist attractions that include visiting different art galleries and museums, along with exploring the lovely gardens and parks. Shop at different places and explore the fine old temples with the traditional pagodas. If you have made a plan to visit to shanghai, then make sure you are not missing the places listed below.

Top 4 Shanghai China Tourist Attractions

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The Bund: Shanghai’s Promenade

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Running along the west bank of Huangpu Jiang River, the Zhongshan Lu is an amazing promenade that is best known through its Anglo Indian Name of Bund. This area has gained the European feel that has made it popular. You will be able to notice French and English buildings that now serve as boutique stores, galleries, restaurants, and offices. This is a magnificent place for day and night where you have the option to explore 52 unique buildings of Bund in a variety of styles that includes Baroque, Neoclassical, Romanesque, Gothic, and Renaissance influences, along with the impressive collections of Art Deco Architecture.

Yu Garden

The impressive Yu Garden, popularly known as the Happiness Garden, is built in an area of 22,000 square meters and contains outer and inner gardens. The oldest section of the Yu garden is the outer garden area that got further changed in the 18th century because of the addition of Sansui Tang park’s main hall. You will be amazed at this building because of window openings, bas-reliefs, figurative presentations, ornaments, dragon adorned walls, and much more.

Artificial rocks make this building a great historical place. The new garden is the inner garden that consists of a typical classical Chinese writer’s garden with decorative stones, dividing walls, miniature mountain ranges, and a decorated theatre stage.

The Jade Buddha Temple

The beautiful Jade Buddha Temple is situated in the Anyuan Lu District of Shanghai that houses two Shakyamuni statues. These statues were brought by Huigen from Burma. The original temple got built in 1882, and the present building got erected in 1928. The building has a division of 2 courtyards, three halls and contains a magnificent Hall of the kings of heaven, which is known for its statues of the four kings and two Shakyamuni sculptures.

Shanghai Museum

Shanghai museum was found in 1952 that is known for its classical Chinese art. The unique round top and the square base of this building encompass different traditional Chinese concepts. There are four floors in the museum, including the impressive bronze displays and ceramics displays that date back to the prehistoric cultures of the 19th century. You will see many calligraphy, seals, and ink drawings within this museum, along with a well-stocked gift shop.


If you have planned for Shanghai, then make sure you have kept the above-given shanghai china tourist attractions on your bucket list.

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