The Bridge Of China And Russia

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Nothing spells harmony more than peace between countries. In a world geared with high tech armory for war, peace, and amity between countries are a rare sight to see. China and Russia, the two democracies, have decided to bridge their difference with a bridge. Passage and access between countries have always been an issue of tension and dubiousness. It has led to several disputes of diplomacy over the centuries. Its exports and imports boost the amicability and economic growth of the two regions. 

The Bridge Of China And Russia

The sense of harmony and brotherhood gets promoted in the shared travels of two countries. 

According to the reports of Reuters, the first bridge that connects Russia and China has been completed. This preceded the launch of two natural gas lines successfully between China and Russia. The governor of Amur Vasily Orlov is thrilled by this new opening, which will introduce an original road for the commune.

The New Bridge

The new bridge runs over the Amur river. The inauguration will happen during the spring season. This bridge is the connector of two countries Russia and China. Heihe of northern china connects with Blagoveshchensk of Russia. The main aim of this bridge is to bolster the business ties between the two countries. The bridge opens a new route for the massive freight traffic that carries the agricultural products from Russia to China and China to Russia.

It is hailed as a new international transport corridor that will connect and benefit the two countries, in their business sector, finance sector, travel, and goods sector. The bridge is expected to meet all the transit requirements of the two countries.

The bridge flags ‘warm relation’ between the two countries and this is a welcoming move from both the states since the annexation of the Crimean peninsula, which took place in 1940.

The Construction Of The Bridge  

The portion of the China side will be completed by October 2028. The Russo-Chinese company did the entire construction of a 12 km road for both the government. The Russian side of the bridge got recently completed as it was more expensive.

This project cost a whopping $295 million. It extends over 1,700 feet, as per the reports of CBS news. It will estimate cross over two million people and 4 million tons of goods each year.

There is more to it in 2020, China and Russia will be connected by cable car. It will create four cabins and two international lines. However, It can carry up to 60 passengers with their luggage.

Know More About China

By 2024, an estimate of $20 billion will be the cost of the entire trade between Russia and China. These ventures should boost diplomatic relations between the two countries. Moreover, the trade rules between the two countries have also been at ease so that the business runs smoothly with the full profit from both ends.

The Bridge of China and Russia
The Bridge Of China And Russia

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