The Cultural Revolution in China What It Entailed

chinese culture revolution

What Is Cultural Revolution In China?

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The Cultural Revolution was also known as the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolt of the Great Cultural Revolution. The Cultural Revolution was a political movement in China between 1966 and 1976, which affected every aspect of life in China. It lasted for almost forty years, with many people dying during the period, which led to the political and social revolution called The Boxer Rebellion. Although it was a violent and bloody event, it did not completely change how the Chinese lived their lives, but it certainly changed their world view and changed their ways of doing things.

Primary Objective Of Cultural Revolution

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The Cultural Revolution’s main objective was to change the way people viewed China by making them more open-minded and liberal-minded towards western cultures and western influences. Many people in China were against western influences, especially in terms of music, literature, and television programming. It was an opportunity for people to voice their opinions about their country. They chose to show the Chinese government that they were a politically active group, and their opinions were respected.

Beginning Of Cultural Recvolution

In the beginning, the government-supported this movement, but soon afterward, the government began to clamp down on the entire culture. They imposed a wide range of laws intended to destroy traditional Chinese culture and replace it with Western influences, such as rock music and opera. Some people were even tortured, sometimes even killed. During this time, the government was ruthless, and the whole government was corrupt, something that made the Chinese populace very angry and frustrated at this point.

The revolution brought many changes for the Chinese and westerners in particular. There was a huge boom in tourism in China, and with it came a new way of living for the Chinese. Many traditional clothing and accessories, such as the classic Chinese silk pajamas and clothes, became impossible. It became standard practice for Chinese men to wear kimonos to cover up their naked bodies.

Qi Martial Arts

Another critical aspect of the Cultural Revolution was introducing a Qi, which is a form of martial arts. This type of martial arts involves many body movements and is highly dangerous and extremely difficult to learn. For example, a person who was not adequately trained would injure themselves quite easily without knowing what they are doing. One should also remember an incredibly high death rate, and there was no proper medical care.

During the Great Cultural Revolution, the Chinese began to look at the western world through new and different eyes and started to respect western culture more and more. Chinese people started to attend movies and listen to more music.

Final Words

As far as China’s future is concerned, it is not very good now, and I think that the great cultural revolution was one of the reasons. There has been a significant change in the Chinese government’s attitudes and ideas towards western countries, particularly the United States. It has become more conservative in the last couple of years, and it would seem that they have very low regards for the United States.

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