The Top Attractions in Macau


Macau is an autonomous region on the south coast of China and was a colony of Portugal for more than 400 years. It is home to several well-known attractions, including the Grand Prix Museum, Senado Square, Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral, and Fisherman’s Wharf. There are several other things to do in Macau, which are worth seeing!

Here are some of the top attractions you may visit during your next trip to Macau.

Grand Prix Museum

A large building

The Grand Prix Museum was built by the China Racing Association, a governing body of motor racing. The museum is home to over 500 Formula One cars and an exhibit on Ferrari’s F1 road cars.

It has a wide variety of F1 machinery, including the very first racing car built by Enzo Ferrari. The museum also has several full-sized race tracks and simulators.

Senado Square

A close up of a street in front of a building

It is one of Macau’s attractions and was named after its former location in Largo do Senado (Senate Square). It is surrounded by historic buildings, including St. Paul’s Church, the Sao Paulo Cathedral, and the Macau Legislative Assembly Building. This square has been a gathering place for Macau’s residents since the 16th century.

Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral

The Ruins of St. Paul’s Cathedral were built in 1578 by Jesuits, who were allowed to build, due to their contribution to the city of Macau. The cathedral was left in disrepair after WWII and is currently under renovation. It’s a wonderful place to visit and a popular location for photographers.

Fisherman’s Wharf

It is one of Macau’s most famous attractions, located at the southwestern tip of the peninsula on which it sits. It offers splendid harbor views with Hac Sa Beach, Coloane Island, and China’s Zhuhai in the background. Plenty of shopping and dining options at this place and some top fishing locations may be found nearby!

Macau Tower

Macau Tower opened its doors in 2001, and it has become known for residents and visitors alike. It is the tallest structure in Macau, measuring 338 meters high. There are a variety of attractions for all ages here, including a skywalk on the outer rim, a Gondola ride to Taipa Island, a 10D cinema experience, a spa center with an outdoor swimming pool, and food courts featuring different culinary styles.

Take in the Sights and Sounds of Historic Macau

Constructed in 1617, A-Ma Temple is believed to be one of the oldest temples in Macau dedicated to Mazu, the Chinese goddess who watches over seafarers. Visitors can also find several other historic attractions worth visiting.

Macau is home to several historic attractions, and one such example is the Kun Lam Temple, which was built in 1488 and dedicated to the Cantonese sea-goddess known as “Guan Yin” or “Kun I am.”

Casinos are Another Attraction in Macau

Macau is well-known as the ‘Vegas of the East’ for its casinos, so be sure to visit some on your next trip. Among them are Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel, City of Dreams, Wynn Macau, and Galaxy StarWorld Casino. There are many other casinos in Macau, and it would be a good idea to visit all of them if you have the time!

Macau is known as the role model for Las Vegas. The two cities share business, entertainment, and gambling institutions. However, there are differences between the two places. One significant difference is that Macau’s casino resorts are much larger. Macau also features the city’s newest landmark, The Macau Tower.

With these top attractions, you will surely enjoy your visit to Macau. Whether you are exploring the city on foot or by car, these top places of interest in Macau are sure to satisfy every type of tourist.

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