The Ultimate Guide About Chinese And American Culture Wars

chinese vs american culture

When Chinese vs American Culture wars were decided, who came out on top? It seems that Americans have taken the win in this one. That is because they are more than willing to sacrifice their interests for others. On the other hand, China was ready to stand up to America by standing up to them at the bargaining table.

Chinese And American Cultures

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When China was willing to be friends with the US, it was during the “special privileges” visit. During this time, China became a significant power. American Presidents were visiting China and signing trade agreements with their massive economic interest. They were also welcoming Japanese Foreign Investment, which was bringing huge investments into China at the time. All of this was done in exchange for China’s friendship and support during wartime.

What Is The Strategic Partnership Between Japan And China?

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During the 1950’s “strategic partnership” agreement, both China and Japan invested billions of dollars in the USA to aid their economic growth. At the time, this agreement was viewed as a good thing, but the US became warier of the Chinese as time went on. This “arms race” became a significant problem in the relationship. Both the United States and China felt threatened by each other’s growing military strength.

Today, China has realized that the best way to get along with the US is to be trustworthy. They recognize that they need to lean on the US a little more. After all, China has been a country for over 2021 years, and they’ve had plenty of time to grow their civilization and develop their values. They’ve become quite capable of handling themselves economically. And they can do so while playing nice.

How Is China Preparing To Deal With America?

Unfortunately, all of these wonderful changes have come at a cost. It appears that China is not prepared to deal with an increasingly powerful and assertive America. Recently, there has been a major argument between American and Chinese students over their treatment of each other.

There are many different things to consider when looking at this latest clash between the two countries. The most important issue to consider is, do Americans want to deal with a big, powerful China? Is it worth it? If it’s not worth it, then where is the value in having such a strong culture? What can we do to maintain a strong relationship with such an aggressively expanding nation?

Fortunately, there is one thing that should be noted about this issue. While China has much to learn about dealing with America and its global neighbors, they have a long history of success in dealing with one another. So, this doesn’t seem to be a considerable hurdle that they have to overcome. The Chinese have worked very hard to increase their understanding of American culture and all that comes with it.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to education, both countries have fairly high levels of education, and American performance is somewhat coming into question. However, the Chinese have a higher literacy rate. So, on the whole, there is a fair bit of movement when it comes to race and class, and that can mean a lot when it comes to future developments. One thing is for certain. The Chinese are growing and are quickly catching up to the Americans when it comes to education.

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