The World’s Largest Ice And Snow Festival You Must Know About

The World’s Largest Ice And Snow Festival You Must Know About

One of the world’s coldest places is in China. The Harbin region of China is the capital of Heilongjiang province. Situated in the northernmost area of China, it records a temperature of -30 degrees centigrade in the winters. Comprising of five million residents, it is one of the most populated urban provinces of the Republic of China. The community is celebrating the freezing temperatures by organizing an ice festival, which is the International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival. It is open to tourists and people from all over the world to enjoy.

The World’s Largest Ice And Snow Festival You Must Know About

The snow festival, which begins on the 5th of January every year, is a magnificent celebration on a grand scale. People hailed it as the most significant and largest winter and snow festival in the world. It hosts more than millions of people over 2-3 months so that everybody has a fair chance to spectate such splendor with their own eyes.

According to one of the leading national media houses of china, china highlights, it entertains more than 15 million people on average in a year. The grandeur of the snow festival highlighted with the sculpture show that covers an area of 600,000 square-meter space. The tallest sculpture has a height of 150 feet. The 10,000 laborers work relentlessly to cut, shape, and carry the ice blocks to provide high-definition entertainment to 15 million visitors. 

The event first began in 1985 in the inspiration of Heilongjiang’s traditional lanterns and themes. It covers three different venues to accommodate its magnanimity. The regions are the Zhaolin Park Ice Lantern Festival venue, the Ice and Snow World venue, and the snow sculptures on Sun Island, as reported by China Highlights.

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The Sun Island area showcases ice sculptures that can be spectated only in the sunlight.

The Ice and Snow world venue displays sculptures of ice that are of epic stature, and the light show at night takes place in the snow world only.

The Zhaolin Park area is reserved mainly for artists to display their artistic prowess. It has smaller sculptures that are made by competitors from all over the world, and if you have a flair for intricacies, you shouldn’t miss out on this park.

The entrance fee is $48 for the main event, inclusive of taxes. According to the sources of CNN media, there are hoards of events around the place which allow entrance without any charge.

If you’re planning to visit Harbin, during the festival, it is suggested that you book your tickets well in advance and make reservations for bed and meals at the earliest. Hire a knowledgeable guide and avail private transport to avoid the rush. 

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The World’s Largest Ice and Snow Festival
The World’s Largest Ice And Snow Festival You Must Know About

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