Top 3 China Tourist Spots Will Make You Fall In Love In No Time

China Tourist Spots

China is the largest Asian country that was discovered around 700 years back and always popular for mysterious things. This country has countless megacities and blessed with the largest population in the world. It has more than 293 spoken languages and 53 ethnic groups; you cannot miss visiting China tourist spots once in your life.

The major barrier for foreign travelers is the language which is very tough to understand. Above all, newbies mostly stick to megacities and miss the fascinating hidden locations of China. This time when you are visiting China, you have to change your directions towards natural beauty and the Middle Kingdom.

Below, you’ll discover the fascinating and top tourist attractions of China that you can visit around the year.

The Great Wall Of China

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The Great Wall Of China is the most famous ancient monument of China, and various Chinese movies have described the importance of this tourist spot. The Great Wall Of China also known as ‘’Long Wall’’ and ‘’ChangCheng’’ is 6,000 kilometers wide starts from Shanhaiguan and ends at Jiayuguan in the west.

The standard height of the Great Wall Of China is around 6-8 meters, and the highest is 16 meters. This tourist attraction houses numerous watchtowers and battlements of 7th Century BC and various other areas were joined in 210 BC. Currently, Badaling Pass, northwest of Beijing, is the most visited section of this tourist attraction.

Other popular sections of the Great Wall Of China are Mutiyanu and Gubeikou which are around 70-100 kilometers far from Beijing.

The Forbidden City and the Imperial Palace, Beijing

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Forbidden City also known as the Imperial Palace, is the most important building of China located in the heart of Beijing. It was built between 1406 and 1420 for 24 Qing and Ming Emperors as their residence. This massive building is covered by a 10-meter wall spread in 720,000 square acres.

This building houses many spots for administrative and ceremonial occasions. You need a couple of hours for exploring this location, Hall Of Supreme Harmony, Hall Of Preserving Harmony, Golden River Bridges, and the Palace Museum are the top highlights of this building.

The Summer Palace

The Summer Palace is around 15 kilometers away from the heart of Beijing. This palace was built in 1153 and it is one of the most visited China tourist spots. The highlights of this Summer Palace are the Hall of Well-being and Longevity (Renshou Dian), Hall of Happiness and Longevity (Le Shou Tang Hall), and a three-story structure that was further added to this palace in 1891.

If you are not running out of the time, you can have a look at the Old Summer Palace. This one is known as the country’s most attractive place but was demolished in mid-1800 by Colonial Forces.

Final Wrap-Up

Aren’t China tourist spots mentioned above worth visiting? Travelers who know about the hidden locations will plan the best adventure trip that everyone should take once in a lifetime. If you are thinking of visiting China, plan ahead of time, and do your research well.

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