Top 3 Unknown Facts Related To Chinese Culture And Tradition

chinese culture and tradition

With Covid-19, China came into the limelight and surprisingly won World War 3 without even shooting a single bullet. Many western and Asian countries are still struggling because of the global pandemic, and China is getting back to normal quickly. Nevertheless, many great philosophers, businessmen, leaders, and painters born in China are quite inspirational and famous worldwide. After all, China is where different martial art forms and Kung Fu were born, which are the most challenging art forms.

There are numerous surprising things about this populous country and many facts you might have learned in the lockdown period. Let’s explore some of the interesting facts related to Chinese culture and tradition.

Language Of China

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Mandarin is the most spoken language of this country, and it is also the official language which is even studied in western countries. Surprisingly, the word ‘Mandarin’ was derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Mantrin,’ which means leader or minister. The most exciting thing about this language is no alphabets are used, and hence this is one of the most challenging languages to learn.

If you get a Chinese newspaper, try to analyze the figures, which are actually mind-boggling and hard to understand. Many of these figures are derived from the landscapes that still exist in this country. The most challenging part is the pronunciation of China’s official language. Most of the words sound similar, and you cannot differentiate them from each other. For spelling every word appropriately, you need to modify your tone and pitch.

Chinese Festivals

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China is one of the rarest countries that is still following its culture and traditions even in this 21st century. Han Dynasty was the period when Chinese festivals became popular, and some of them are celebrated worldwide like the Dragon Boat Festival, Chinese New Year, and Spring Festivals.

According to Chinese culture and tradition, the new year starts on 16th February, which is also the beginning of the Lunar year. Chinese New Year is the most famous festival when all the businesses are stopped, and people are busy at parties, shopping, and gatherings. The most exciting part of the Chinese New Year is everyone is excited to know the zodiac animal and know the financial conditions.

Family Culture

China is one of the rarest countries where family values are given the most importance than wealth and other things. According to Chinese family culture, everyone has to respect each family member, and the adult male members should take all the decisions related to the family. They have to take proper care of every family member and ready to sacrifice anything for the family. On the other hand, the elder members take decisions related to marriages, and love marriages are also not much encouraged like other Asian countries.

Final Wrap-Up

These were some of the unknown facts related to Chinese culture and tradition that you should know. Nevertheless, Chinese people respect their culture and tradition, even after moving and settling in other countries. If you also have some facts related to this country, please share them with us!

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