Tourist Sites Packed In And Around China

china tourist sites packed

Some of the famous tourist sites in Beijing are Forbidden City, Zengla, Jiaogulan, Xujiahui, Maofeng, Xintang Plaza, Yuanyang Pagoda, Yangshuo Bridge, Chongming Island, etc. The Bund is another tourist site in Beijing that attracts millions of domestic and foreign tourists. The Bund includes Jiaogulan, Chen Village, Xintang, Shanghai Gongyao, etc. Tourist sites in Beijing also include many scenic spots, such as Juyongguan, Huangshan Mountains, Chen County, Foshan District, Yangshuo River, and others.

Variety Of Tourists Available In China

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In terms of food and drink, there is a wide variety available for tourists in China. Food is generally served on the streets and diners move slowly and quietly to enjoy the unique tastes of Chinese foods. However, the best way to enjoy the delicious food and beverages is to eat at one of the restaurant near the tourist sites. The Bund is one such example of restaurant where tourists can enjoy their meals and drinks while admiring the scenic beauty of the area.

Tourists can get down to the real China by visiting the open-air museum called the Oriental Museum. It has been designed especially to attract tourists. The museum exhibits relics from various civilizations of the past, including the Shang dynasty. The museum is located near Xintang Road, the busiest street in the city. To make the trip more interesting, there are also some nice restaurants located nearby the tourist sites.

Beijing’s Forbidden City

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Another site that attracts tourists from all over the world is Beijing’s famous Forbidden City. It is an enormous UNESCO World Heritage Site that attracts thousands of tourists every year. The most popular section of the Forbidden City is the Terracotta Warriors’ Tomb, the residence of the Yuan Dynasty Emperor Linghai, and the Peace Memorial Wall, the Tomb of revolutionary leader Mao Tse-Tung. Tourists can also visit the National Museum and the Great Wall, both located in Xian.

Shanghai, the largest city in China, is another hot tourist destination. The city is an important financial, industrial, and trade center in China. It is considered one of the most modern cities in China. The Bund is one of the places that you should not miss when in Shanghai. Tourists can walk to the International Business Center via the Shanghai Tower Bridge.

Other Tourist Cities In China

In addition to Shanghai, there are other cities in China that offer a wide variety of attractions for tourists. Beijing is the capital city of China and is one of its best-known attractions. The old city of Beijing is well preserved and offers an exciting tour experience. It is also very exciting to watch the spectacular fireworks during the Chinese New Year.

Last Words

The tourist attractions in China are varied and many of them never get to be seen by Americans. But when you do see them you will understand what a wonderful feeling it is to see China up close. The best way to really see these magnificent sites is with a tour guide. This way you can plan your own trip and be well prepared for your trip. When you take a tour to China as part of your China vacation, the tourist sites packed in and around the country will become very vivid in your mind.

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