Tourist Visa To China From Us – Get Your Visa In The First Attempt

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Vacations are one of the best ways to relax your body and mind. Traveling with different vehicles is great but in the case of traveling to a different country which requires a tourist visa to travel. Tourist visas are a pass that is given with the passport when people travel to different countries. One needs to visit the different countries’ embassies present in their country as permission to the person if one is healthy to travel. The embassy ensures the person is able to visit the country with the given or requested time of travel. The category selection of the visas is available as it gives details of travel. Here in this article talks about the tourist visa to China from the U.S.

How to Obtain Tourist Visa from the US For China

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Obtaining a tourist visa can be a little difficult but with the right documents and proper preparation, it is only a matter of time and effort that you will receive your visa. We insist on having a good plan before you proceed with the visa process. The tourist visa to China can be obtained for about 10 years with the multi-purpose entry exit. One needs a visa if one wants to travel to China From the U.S. There are three step-based processes to obtain a tourist visa.

The foremost step is to select the category of the visa which best describes one’s trip to China. In this case, one needs to travel as a tourist. Then the visa application needs to be prepared. It includes all of the documents of identification and passport details.

The second step after document submission is the submission of the application to the visa office of the Consultant general based on the state of the residence.

Then the last step is to pay the fees of the visa and after the acceptance, the visa can be collected.

The three-step-based visa application and collection is with a  waiting time. So in case, the trip as a tourist-based should be planned well.

Documents Required

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There are certain documents required for the visa to China. The l category data requires the following articles 

a passport that is originally signed at least has six months validity.

The visa application form and photo.

The proof of legal stay or the residential status 

The previous Passport in case one is a resident of China and a normal Passport is a foreigner.

Documents showing the air ticket booking record.Proof of hotel reservation.


The tourist visas are the requirements as travel essentials. In the case of tourist visas, the travel can be tenure-based.In case the travel of the passport. The visas are made essential so that the countries can monitor who can enter the country. It is important to give the right information for the visa. In case of false information, the visas can be rejected. The embassy of China in the U.S ensures the visas are delivered with fees of about 30 United States dollars.

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