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The question that has plagued travelers for years is, “What does travel insurance in China cover?” Well, there is no simple answer to that question. Different insurers have different policies regarding their travel insurance coverage. That being said, a common policy coverage that most travel insurance companies offer to their customers includes emergency assistance. This type of emergency assistance will help relieve the stress and anxiety that often accompany traveling abroad.

Types Of Travel Insurance

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Some travel insurance companies only offer basic travel insurance as opposed to comprehensive coverage. However, it is still an important coverage to have on hand. It will allow you to relax and not dwell on any concerns that could arise during your trip. In the case of emergencies, this can often save precious time and even lives. Therefore, it is important to have this travel insurance if you plan on traveling to China.

What are some other items that are covered in a travel insurance policy? Most travel insurances will include baggage and personal items coverage. This means that if you have a bag or luggage that is lost during your trip, then this is covered by your travel insurance policy. Items lost in your luggage might be replaced but if you have cash in that bag, it would be lost forever. Additionally, most policies will also pay for replacements of prescription drugs, toiletries, sunglasses, hair accessories and cameras.

Get Down To The Busine

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What types of emergencies are typically covered in travel insurance policies? Well, if you plan on traveling to China and suffering from an illness, an injury or the common cold, then most travel insurance policies will provide coverage. For medical emergencies, you can usually get an emergency assistance package included in your insurance, although you may have to check to see if your coverage includes it.

Personal Accident Insurance

Another very common type of coverage is personal accident insurance. If you become injured in a foreign country and wish to file a claim for compensation, then most common travel insurance contracts will cover this. The amount will vary according to the country you are staying in, the medical service provider and the company you are staying with. Generally speaking, personal accident insurance is meant to cover you in the unfortunate event of you being injured, whether physically or mentally, while traveling within the territory of the country you are visiting. It is recommended that you seek this type of coverage when you are traveling to places outside your home country as the consequences may be less serious if you have this type of coverage.


Before purchasing a travel insurance package, it is best that you research extensively and compare the prices of various plans to find the one that will best suit your needs. Another option is to purchase a pre-existing medical condition package, but this will often have a higher premium than the policies that are available for tourists. Regardless of the type of travel insurance you decide on, remember to read the fine print before signing anything or making any purchases.

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