Travel Requirements for China Tourist Destinations

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Traveling to China is best avoided during the current scenario caused by COVID-19. However, if you must travel to China due to personal reasons, then there are some regulations and rules you must abide by. Here is a list of the requirements to travel to China.

To prevent the spread of the disease, the Chinese government has levied many extensive entry bans for foreigners since March 28, 2020. We will go step-by-step how the restrictions changed since last year and the current position.

As of 24th February 2021

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In the current year, there has been a slight adjustment of the entry regulations since February 24th. China announced tightened entry rules. China refused to allow transit flights via a third country especially those coming from Singapore, UK, Portugal, Switzerland and Finland. The transit passengers will longer issue a green ‘Health Code’. 

Travelers from a third country with direct connections to China will not receive a green health code if they choose to transit stopover in Singapore. If a travel plan includes several visits to several countries, China will not allow that. It is currently only allowing passengers that will reach China only by a direct flight.

For those travelers who need to come to China, but do not have any direct flight connections, then they may get the permission for only one transit. In such cases, the green ‘Health code’ will still be applied or has to be verified in the home country and then again in the transit country.

As per the current requirements to travel to China, those taking a transit from Germany can come as the Chinese embassy in Germany does not display any corresponding notice. But, if possible, one should only book a direct flight to China.

These entry rules can be changed at a very short notice and is subject to frequent change in this current situation.

As of 5th February 2021

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One needs to submit information of a negative nucleic acid and IgM antibody test result. The travelers who have received a vaccination against COVID-19 should also get this test result. Travelers are advised to present their vaccination record or certificate and this is also required to be uploaded to the Chinese missions abroad. In this process, personal data such as name of the vaccine, date of birth, dates of first and second vaccination dose and the vaccinating physician must be mentioned.

Onward Journey in China

China experienced a re-emergence of COVID-19 infections, particularly in the northern parts of the country. For the upcoming Chinese New Year, many strict domestic travel regulations and restrictions have been levied in many places. Travelers in Shanghai must spend 14 days in quarantine upon arrival, if they plan to go to Guangzhou in the South. Mostly, all provinces have their own rules and regulations.

These are the requirements to travel to China currently.

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