Travel Restrictions – Why China Travel Can Be a Disaster

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There are strict laws in place that restrict the movement of people coming in and out of China and they can severely limit what you are able to do while in the country. While that might seem like a hassle for some, it is a necessary evil due to the type of economy that the People’s Republic of China has. It needs to have a strong economy in order to support the international community and maintain a solid infrastructure.

China wants to be a major world power and wants to continue to grow at the same rate that every other country is doing. It is doing that by aggressively building roads and railways. The problem is it is pushing its economy into the background while it pushes its people even more towards socialism. You see those two things are mutually contradictory and cannot go together.

Some of the restrictions that you will find are not so much on what you can do but where you can travel. For example, if you are traveling to Hong Kong or Macau, you can enter through any one of the eleven gates that are set aside for travelers to pass through. However, there are only two exits from these gates into China. One way is through the Causeway that are on the border, and another is through the Friendship bridge that connect the Kowloon peninsula with the mainland.

China Stop Any Existing At Airport Without Get Through Checkpoint

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Getting around is another issue that you will find. A few years ago the tourism agency tried to implement a new system that would allow travelers to enter and exit China using any of the existing airports without having to get through a checkpoint. However, this was shot down flatly by the Chinese government. They claimed that it was a violation of their national security.

Traveling by road is also difficult. Not only do you have to negotiate the terrain through thick jungles and through mountains, you also have to get past the Chinese border and into other provinces. There are no modern highways linking the cities, and getting from one province to another is often a hassle.

China Blocks Many Foreign Websites

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The situation has worsened due to the fact that China has started to block access to many websites that offer foreign currency exchange. This includes the popular FX Offer from sites like Penny Stock Asia. Without the services of this site foreign investors will be unable to convert their monies to the Chinese currency. Since China wants to maintain its control over its currency rates this is a big problem. While the FX Offer is still functioning, you will find that you are effectively excluded from using the Forex for most of the places that you would normally use it.

Last Words

One thing that travelers do not expect when traveling to China is the high risk of counterfeit or fake items. You may want to consider purchasing travel insurance. Having adequate coverage will ensure that your belongings are protected during your time in China. This will also cover you in the event that something happens during your trip and you need to make a claim.

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